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Waterloo Region Yes In My Back Yard – housing advocacy group

CKMS Community Connections for 11 March 2022 with Martin Asling of WR YIMBY

Show Notes

(Martin Asling)
Martin Asling of WR YIMBY
Martin Asling standing behind a banner with homes drawn on it and the words "Yes In My Backyard" in large letters. Trees and a lake are in the background.
Martin Asling from WR YIMBY at the KW Multicultural Festival. Photo: WR YIMBY

Bob Jonkman talks to Martin Asling of WR YIMBY (Waterloo Region Yes In My Back Yard) about housing in Waterloo Region, the Ontario Housing report, and WR YIMBY and Hold The Line‘s answer to some of the issues it presents.

The interview starts at 3m01s.


Resources mentioned in the show:

And Martin provided these links:

Listen to previous CKMS-FM shows with Martin Asling and WR YIMBY.


Download: ckms-community-connections-2022-03-11-episode092.mp3 (41.4 MB, 43m04s, episode 092)


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3m01s Bob Jonkman and Martin Asling discuss WR YIMBY, housing in Waterloo Region, the Report of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force and WR YIMBY and Hold The Line‘s response, and talk about housing affordability and some zoning issues.
41m45s Martin provides contact info, Bob gives the credits and a hint for next Friday’s show.

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 11 March 2022

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CKMS News – 2021-04-04 – Waterloo Region Weekly Roundup

Host: Melissa Bowman

In this episode we’ll take a bit of a tour through much of the region! I’ll share updates about a proposed development in New Hamburg that was met with some resistance from neighbours. There are many housing updates from Kitchener council including a unique partnership with the YWCA for new supportive housing. The Region also discussed housing as they approved a new development with an estimated 50 affordable housing units for the Beechwood neighbourhood. And finally, we will hear some updates from Waterloo council and the work they are doing on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” grant program and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the CKMS Newsroom.

Check out the archived versions of  this program and other episodes on radiowaterloo.ca/news., and other stories commissioned under the Local Journalism Initiative at canada-info.ca.

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Blue Sky Horse Radio meets Waterloo Region Yes in My Backyard /Unsheltered

Conversation  with Martin Asling,  Waterloo Region Yes in My Backyard, as well as Lesley Crompton, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region/Civic Hub. Joining conversation also, is Unsheltered resident, Terry Kaan, T.K.

Grassroot movement, anti poverty work & building better futures for KW residents, & people experiencing homelessness.

blue-sky-horse-radio-2020-07-25-h1-YIMBY%2BUnsheltered.mp3 51.5 MBytes, 56m14s

CKMS News – 2020-05-25 – Increasing Housing Affordability by Increasing Housing Density: An Interview with WR YIMBY

Host: Trish Holmes

Waterloo Region Yes In My Backyard (WR YIMBY) is advocating to increase housing density and in doing so they hope to increase affordable housing supply in Waterloo Region.

WR YIMBY co-founder Martin Asling speaks to us about the principles that drive YIMBY’s advocacy, the affordable housing and housing density challenges specific to Waterloo Region and how the response to the current COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that solutions can be found.


The references Martin mentions:

Conor Dougherty –  Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America (2020) https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/585765/golden-gates-by-conor-dougherty/9780525560210

Richard Rothstein – The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America (2017) https://www.epi.org/publication/the-color-of-law-a-forgotten-history-of-how-our-government-segregated-america/

WR YIMBY Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/Waterloo-Region-Yes-in-My-Backyard-2256614188002363/about/

download audio: https://soundfm.s3.amazonaws.com/YIMBY-CKMS-interview-May25–1.mp3

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” grant program and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the CKMS Newsroom.