The Gems Of Life Show- Increasing Iron and Hemoglobin Levels

A double show treat today we got 2 different shows today, one with our very own Kitchener Mayor Vrbanovic and the 2nd recording is my own story on how I over came anemia.

Today’s show I share one of my biggest struggles from childhood. I found out about later in my adult life I was anemic, low iron and hemoglobin levels, I was on the iron pills for years, only thing I got from it was constipation.

Until the day I found out the only way to get better is get a blood transfusion to combat my anemia. Was that the only solution? well listen in as I share what I did and how I did it, and in 8 weeks I was for the first time in my entire life had normal blood results, Anemia FREE.

Thank you kindly for listening in.

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Here’s the video version.

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