the Regime interview with Capt. William Simpson: Wild Horse Fire Brigade

Managing to extinction seems to be the method invested by those taxed to protect.  While others circumvent the law,  Bill Simpson has some real, practical answers to the, so called, Wild Horse Problem. There are roughly 100 000 wild horses in the U.S., the majority in Nevada. Bill is on the border of Oregon/California and has encountered wildfires. Catastrophical to the survival of those in the surroundings, Wild Horse Fire Brigade encourage results by wild horses. Incredibly, via grazing, and their existence in the shrub and eating grasses and plants, wild horses help their environment, and can hence help prevent wildfires.

Listen to this informative interview with Capt. Bill: “the proverbial Renaissance Man; a retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer …, specialist in long-term off-grid survival and disaster preparedness….” [from his Muck Rack bio].

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2 thoughts on “the Regime interview with Capt. William Simpson: Wild Horse Fire Brigade”

  1. Thank you for interviewing Bill Simpson of Wild Horse Fire Brigade. I really believe in his program and stand behind him & Michelle 100%. I believe its the only answer. Needs same plan throughout the USA into wilderness and out of the hands of BLM and other interests on public lands.

    1. Thanks for tuning in. Yes, wild horses and wild fire prevention is an amazing strategy.
      And sadly it looks like progress will slow for nothing. Out of the hands of the Bureau of Land Management and others.

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