4 thoughts on “The Riley Powis Show”

  1. Hi Riley,

    I heard your show last Friday and really enjoyed it……I’ll try to listen every week!

    Gary Van Osch

  2. Best show period. No other show comes close in its content and execution. I’ve been listening to radio for 40 years, on trucks, ice breakers, and glide planes, and I’ve never come across a show this entertaining. The host, Riley, knows exactly how much to say and guides you effortlessly through hours of discovery and memory inducing nostalgia. I even called an old high school buddy up after hearing our old grad song.

    Many many thanks to you Riley


  3. How about cranking up some Riley Powis Band for everyone
    Riley Powis bass
    John Powis percussion
    Al Dewar keyboards
    Chris Schmidt lead guitar
    From around 2010

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