Wadio Wam!

Wadio Wam! features curated playlists from the minds of Will and Sam (WAM). Each week a new theme will tie all the songs together. A focus on music rather than discussion.

Wadio Wam! airs on CKMS-FM Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, alternating new shows with #Replays from the archives.

Here you’ll find the hub to all our episodes. And be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and all things Wam!

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Recent Episodes

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Wadio Wam! Episode 14 – Friends FM ft. Chelsea

Wadio Wam! Episode 13 – Love Is In The Air

Wadio Wam! Episode 12 – Food! ft. Rosie and Brittany

Wadio Wam! Episode 11 – Mother’s Day

Wadio Wam! Episode 10 – Cole

Wadio Wam! Episode 9 – Summer Hits!

Wadio Wam! Episode 8 – Sampled

Wadio Wam! Episode 7 – Roadtrip!

Wadio Wam! Episode 6 – Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Wadio Wam! Episode 5 – Intros and Outros

Wadio Wam! Episode 3 + 4 – The End Of The World

Wadio Wam! Episode 2 – Spring Has Sprung

Wadio Wam! Episode 1 – Coming of Age

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5 thoughts on “Wadio Wam!”

    1. Hey!
      We won’t be doing a show today as we only have shows every other Monday, but last week we did a Halloween-themed show! be sure to check it out I just uploaded it today.

  1. Hey Wadio Wam!

    I’m a Canadian musician, and I wanted to send my upcoming single, “Can’t Lose Again,” to your show. I think it’d be a great fit — it’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s Canadian! I was told that to submit a track to a CKMS show, I should just leave a comment on your show page, so here it is!

    It’s a 3 minute retro soul whirlwind that tells the tale of a chronically unlucky gambler as he bets his very last dime — but can he finally win? Here’s the Earshot link: https://secure.earshot-distro.ca/song/27456. And here’s the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/le2jzfpg9z5ki20/Can%27t%20Lose%20Again%20-%20Single%20%28Luc%20LeMans%29.mp3?dl=0

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Luc LeMans

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