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CKMS 102.7 FM (Radio Waterloo) is a community radio station broadcasting independent and alternative music and culture to Waterloo Region.

Statement of Principles

Incorporated in 1977, Radio Waterloo Inc. is a nonprofit cooperative that is heavily involved in the local community. Our primary purpose is to maintain and operate a CRTC licensed FM radio station.

CKMS is a community-based radio station and is committed to training community members in the techniques of broadcasting. We are maintained by our programmer cooperative and managed by our volunteer staff and Board of Directors and are committed to serving the needs of community groups.

Our content is generally different than what you would hear from commercial airwaves in that we attempt to introduce our listeners to new ideas and perspectives in a way that will benefit the local community. We emphasize exposure of issues and activities that are important to the local community while also supporting and driving local talent.

We at CKMS do not promote any single religious or political ideology. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our commitment to showing the true diversity of the Waterloo community and will not broadcast any material that would subject any group or person to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, or disability, with the exception of material required for context in a larger discussion. Such material will only be aired when required to aid the public’s understanding of specific issues.

CKMS Cooperative

The CKMS Cooperative, also known as Radio Waterloo, Inc., is a dedicated community of people that provides direction to the station. The Cooperative is responsible for electing members who meet eligiblility requirements (as set out in our bylaws and letters patent) to the Board of Directors. Cooperative members are also expected to participate in station committees and outreach teams to ensure that the station continues to operate. In other words, the Cooperative is responsible for ensuring the long-term survival of CKMS .

Becoming a member of the CKMS Cooperative requires a donation of $25 per year, and entitles you to several benefits:

  1. You will help fund a community radio station that:
    • Was incorporated in 1977 and has been broadcasting since the 1960s.
    • Supports local artists and groups while providing you and your neighbours access to the airwaves so that you may share your music, culture, and experience.
    • Actively opposes oppression and strives to build safe spaces.
  2. You will gain the opportunity to purchase airtime on the FM band to broadcast content of your choosing.
  3. You will have access to a variety of workshops, shows, inside information, and deals in the music industry. Additionally, occasional deals from local businesses are available.
  4. You will be able to vote at station meetings and participate in committees that ensure the success of the station (learn how a radio station operates).

For more information, or to become a member, you can contact the Board of Directors at


Radio Waterloo