Directors and Coordinators


As of Saturday, 17 August 2019 for 2019 — 2020

Director positions, Committee Coordinators, and Liaisons for 2019-2020 will be determined at the Board of Directors meeting on 11 September 2019.

Name Director Position Committee Coordinator Term
Nat Persaud President Tech 2018 – 2020
Rob McKenna Music
Dylan Bravener Space
Yasin Dewji Fundraising
Jenniefer Stronge Vice President
Dan Kellar Policy 2019 – 2021
Indira Singh
Andy Nagpal Treasurer
Bob Jonkman
Narendra Grover Outreach
Jordan Dorans Programming
Chris Sherren Secretary Ex Officio

 ^  Committees

Committees are teams of volunteers who handle the operation of Radio Waterloo. If you’d like to help out, please contact the Committee Coordinators. Committees should be no more than five people, including the Coordinator.


Coordinator: Rob McKenna

  • Get music that’s been submitted both on digital and physical media, and make available to the programmers
  • Give feedback to record labels
  • Arrange interviews



Coordinator: Dylan Bravener

  • Keep the studio clean
  • Make the space inviting



Coordinator: Jordan Dorans

  • Train new members
  • Maintain the on-air schedule and waiting list
  • Ensure program and music logs are completed and stored


Tech (

Coordinator: Nat Persaud

  • Ensure compliance to: logging, emergency broadcast
  • Maintain broadcast uptime at less than 30s silence during required times
  • Keep gear working
  • Create user email accounts
  • Maintain website updates


  • Bob Jonkman
  • Dylan Bravener
  • Jeff Stager
  • Chris Sherren


Coordinated by the Treasurer: Andy Nagpal

  • Ensure financial books are kept
  • Provide financial status at each board meeting: budget performance, outstanding show fees
  • Prepare yearly budget
  • Ensure tax returns are completed and submitted on time



Coordinator: Yasin Dewji

  • Exceed fundraising budget
  • Organize yearly on-air funding drive
  • Create and sell merchandise through the website and at outreach events
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Execute ad packages



Coordinator: Dan Kellar

  • Write up policy



Coordinator: Narendra Grover

  • Inform potential supporters about Radio Waterloo: listeners, volunteers, programmers, members, donors
  • Maintain an outreach kit for events (banner, handouts, tent, activities)
  • Book all events and organize volunteers
  • Manage social media


 ^  Day Liaisons

Day Liaisons keep in touch with program hosts to let them know about events, schedule changes, policy updates, &c. Program hosts can contact the Day Liaisons if they have any questions.

 ^  Previous Boards of Directors

2018 – 2019
Name Director Position Committee Coordinator
Nat Persaud President Tech
Dan Kellar Vice President Policy, Programming
Rob McKenna Treasurer Music, Finance
Bob Jonkman Secretary
Cameron Vannatter Director-At-Large Outreach
Dylan Bravener Director-At-Large Space
Yasin Dewji Director-At-Large Fundraising
Narendra Grover Director-At-Large
Jenniefer Stronge Director-At-Large
Jordan Dorans Director-At-Large
(unfilled) Director-At-Large
2016 — 2017
Name Director Position Committee Coordinator
Nat Persaud President Tech
Dan Kellar Vice President
Rob McKenna Treasurer Finance, Music
Kevin Hiebert Secretary Fundraising
Jenniefer Stronge Director at Large
Carlo Farruggio 519-497-3247 Director at Large Outreach
Jeff Stager Director at Large
Jordan Dorans Director at Large
Cameron Vannatter Director at Large Space

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