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These programs are no longer on the Radio Waterloo schedule. For the show that are currently on the air see About Our Shows.

Municipal Election 2022: #CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter Abdullah, Aalaa, and Ayla Rehman return for the 2022 municipal election to ask candidates #CANYouthVoteMatter and #CANMinorityVoteMatter? Municipal Election 2022: #CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter aired Sundays from Noon to 12:30pm from 2 October to 23 October 2022. The municipal election was on Monday, 24 October 2022.
ImprovFest 2022 (logo and black text on yellow background with coloured circles) ImprovFest 2022 ImprovFest 2022 is a 24-hour digital celebration of off-the-cuff art-making that showcases new, improvisational works by hundreds of performers, hailing from 25+ countries, practicing across all disciplines: music, dance, theatre, poetry, visual arts, and more. Through a digital video livestream and simultaneous international radio broadcasts, the Festival was able to reach thousands of attendees from … Continue reading ImprovFest 2022
Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel presents the Sudanese music and culture with a brief analyses of songs and cultural practices from different regions in Sudan. In addition, it makes connections with the youth and adults to tackle some cultural challenges, questions, concerns that they face in Canada in order to better cope with Canadian core … Continue reading Indek Khut ma Indek Sheel
Ontario Election 2022: #CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter Abdullah, Aalaa, and Ayla Rehman return for the 2022 Ontario provincial election to ask candidates #CANYouthVoteMatter and #CANMinorityVoteMatter? Ontario Election 2022: #CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter is no longer on the air.
Together With Ukraine – A Drum and Bass Compilation Pressure Drop presents, Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 8 to 10 PM EST A 2-hour special in support of, “Together with Ukraine”, a Drum and Bass Compilation with tracks donated from some of the top producers worldwide. All funds raised through sale of this compilation will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross Society. From the Bandcamp … Continue reading Together With Ukraine – A Drum and Bass Compilation
People square dancing in the street (solarized image) Now That’s Country! Now That’s Country with host Paul Stickney is not currently on the schedule.
Punjabi Trucking Program Punjabi Trucking Program is produced by Virasat Media. Punjabi Trucking Program is not currently on the schedule.
A 24-hour celebration of improvised arts | August 13 & 14, IMPROVFEST.CA | 24 hours, 150+ Artists, 1 World (collage of different artists participating in the festival) Improvfest 2021 on 14 August 2021 Improvfest 2021 airs on CKMS-FM on Saturday, 14 August 2021: Midnight to 4:00am 6:00am to 9:00am 12:30pm to 2:00pm CONTACT: Sam Boer at Improvisation Institute Announces IF 2021: a 24-hour Digital Festival of Improvised Arts The second iteration of this “all-day, all-night, online celebration of the arts” is taking place on August 13-14 and … Continue reading Improvfest 2021 on 14 August 2021
Apna Punjab Apna Punjab is a talk show related to current affairs in the Canadian and South Asian Community. Apna Punjab is hosted by Navjot Sindhu, Harjot Hunjan, Satnam Singh, and Manpreet Singh. Apna Punjab is not currently on the schedule.
The Socially Radical Guitarist The Socially Radical Guitarist will inform the public on political history, community led social movements, new and emerging music in the community and around the world, and will provide a radical political perspective. The program is sponsored by The African and Caribbean Inclusion Centre: A major fundraiser is being held to provide comprehensive services … Continue reading The Socially Radical Guitarist
Fruits Of Our Labour Fruits Of Our Labour is show where we take world news and events, and speak on them as a way to provide information to people who normally don’t get the information due to access of information or speech roadblocks. Fruits Of Our Labour is hosted by Philly, young Dalvin, darksin demon Steph, Leo and Dylan. … Continue reading Fruits Of Our Labour
Mustache and Mullets MC Boomer brings you Mustache and Mullets, with a selection of rock and punk music, new and old. Mustache and Mullets is not currently on the schedule.
Front Burner | CBCnews Front Burner Front Burner is your essential daily news podcast, brought to you by CBC News & CBC Podcasts. Every weekday, award-winning investigative journalist Jayme Poisson takes you deep into the stories shaping Canada and the world. Front Burner is produced by CBC News, and is syndicated through the NCRA Community radioExchange at Front Burner — Series … Continue reading Front Burner
MiPod MiPod: All the music you don’t know, but might just like. MiPod is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
Changemakers Without Borders Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, humanitarian doctor, philosopher and author Changemakers Without Borders is hosted by May Cooper on Radio Waterloo, CKMS, as well as on Peach City Radio, CFUZ in Penticton, BC. You can also find Changemakers on her … Continue reading Changemakers Without Borders
You're Not Alone (text on orange clouds with CKMS wordmark) You’re Not Alone You’re Not Alone is a talk show discussing abuse, trauma, mental health and a variety of different community issues that we face, allowing the members of our community to feel safe in knowing they are not alone in experiencing these circumstances. Your show host is Sherice Alishaw. You’re Not Alone is not currently on the … Continue reading You’re Not Alone
Harrowsmith Radio | Listen in to Canadians living sustainably (showing an ear of corn wearing headphones) Harrowsmith Radio While this is a podcast, Harrowsmith began as a groundbreaking Canadian magazine. It came to life on the kitchen table of James Lawrence in Camden East, Ontario in 1976. Back then it didn’t seem likely that his vision of a national magazine on the virtues of getting back to the land would last. But before … Continue reading Harrowsmith Radio
Banner with Zero Waste Countdown with Laura Nash, showing a picture of Laura Nash Zero Waste Countdown Zero Waste Countdown is a 30 minute radio show all about sustainability from a zero waste perspective. What is Zero Waste? Zero Waste is a concept that eliminates unnecessary waste from the regular consumer cycle to decrease our impact on the planet as a whole. A countdown to zero waste is a pledge to reduce … Continue reading Zero Waste Countdown
Welcome to the Civic Hub Welcome To The Civic Hub Welcome To The Civic Hub promotes the grassroots and small nonprofit organizations working to make lives better for everyone in Waterloo Region. Join the 23 groups already booking space for their activities, events or joint initiatives. These partners of the Civic Hub Waterloo Region are active in a range of fields: environmental justice, democratic reform, … Continue reading Welcome To The Civic Hub
Liberation Hour (words over a stylized sound waveform) Liberation Hour Liberation Hour focuses on various aspects of non-human animals in our society. We interview experts; people who are passionate about other animals and the planet; people who take care of non-human animals; people who create plant-based food; people who fight for animal rights and for the planet. Liberation Hour is not currently on the schedule.
Blurred, solarized image of Mariachi dancers LatinX Autopilot LatinX Autopilot showcases music from our Digital Music Library in the Spanish language and from Latin America. LatinX Autopilot is not currently on the schedule.
Amity Radio Amity Radio and Amity Operations… What are we? Amity Radio is a place to express yourself, to be who you are meant to be and to create a community with those who live and breathe art. Join the family and follow our movement as we try to unify and append the artist culture in the … Continue reading Amity Radio
A towel on a rock beside the ocean, with a ukelele on the towel Towel Rock Towel Rock soaks up anything good! Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint. Towel Rock is not currently on the schedule.
A spiral with orange, green, and white Bollywood Autopilot Bollywood Autopilot pulls music from our Digital Music Library tagged with Hindi and Punjabi, Bollywood and Bhangra genre tags. Bollywood Autopilot is not currently on the schedule.
The Underground Sound Project: Master Sounds The Underground Sound Project is not currently on the schedule.
The Community Window Show The Community Window Show is not currently on the schedule.
The Omen Brothers Show The Omen Brothers show features two brothers and guest dj’s spinning the latest in drum and bass music. The Omen Brothers is not currently on the schedule.
Tuesdays at 10 am | Something Beautiful | Classic Easy Listening | CKMS FM 102.7 RADIO WATERLOO Something Beautiful Something Beautiful is Radio Waterloo’s easy listening program. Join DJ Em and enjoy some soft and easy classics. Something Beautiful is not currently on the schedule.
Blues High Radio Get high on the Blues from selections in our Digital Music Library. Blues High Radio is not currently on the schedule.
Student Life in Waterloo Student Life in Waterloo is not currently on the schedule.
Faith Deficit Faith Deficit with Josh Bowman is a weekly program that explores individual stories of faith in an increasingly secular world. We speak with artists, musicians, faith leaders, comedians, writers, politicians, and business leaders to unveil what we’re never supposed to speak about in public: our spiritual beliefs – or lack thereof. The show will feature … Continue reading Faith Deficit
This American Life This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week we choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. Mostly we do journalism, but an entertaining kind of journalism that’s built around plot. In other words, stories! Our favorite sorts of stories have compelling people at the … Continue reading This American Life
#CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter Awareness Campaign! Aalaa, Abdullah & Ayla will invite a guest every Sunday who will talk on the importance of Youth & Minority Vote and how they can become an active and strong part of the election process and have their voices heard. To sponsor or to advertise please contact 416 710 5608 or go to More … Continue reading #CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter Awareness Campaign!
The Continuum With Creaseman The Continuum With Creaseman is not currently on the schedule.
Palestine flag Radio Free Palestine Marathon Radio producer Hadeel Al-Biss wanted to make her work make a difference. “We were asked to participate in a radio marathon for Nakba Day, and I figured that the best way to do that was to carry as many voices of Palestinian refugees as possible,” she told Arab News. Al-Biss, the producer of the “Talet … Continue reading Radio Free Palestine Marathon
Welcome To Night Vale Welcome To Night Vale Welcome To Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events. Welcome To Night Vale is not currently on … Continue reading Welcome To Night Vale
birdhouse birdhouse with the Nesting DJ. birdhouse is not currently on the schedule.
Ted’s Night Feedzzz Ted’s Night Feedzzz Ted’s Night Feedzzz is not currently on the schedule. Music related to historical events of the day and music by artists who are coming to play in the region: drum and bass, show-tunes, swing, ska, hootenanny, classical, folk, punk, crooner, beats, soul, baroque, shoegazer, dub, movie soundtracks, blues and everything in between.
Denim Entertainment DJ’s Live-to-Air! Denim Entertainment DJ’s Live-to-Air! Listen to music broadcast from locations around the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area. DJ Denim spins the tunes at local restaurants, dance clubs, and performance halls. Is he at your local pub? Drop in, say “Hi”, and get a shout-out on the air!
kidz tunez kidz tunez: An hour of tunez for kidz! kidz tunez is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
In Conversation With Rashmi In Conversation With Rashmi brings you your community stories. We are all storytellers in our day to day lives, we just don’t call ourselves that. Our stories are not something we do, its just who we are. I will be sitting down with guests from this community, who will share their stories of highs and … Continue reading In Conversation With Rashmi
!earshot | National Campus and Community Radio Report !earshot20 !earshot20 is a nationally syndicated radio show that counts down the Top 20 albums of the week from across Canada according to !earshot20 is not currently on the schedule.
Radio Punjab Radio Punjab is not currently on the schedule.
Earth Matters Earth Matters from Australia is a local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network. Earth Matters is not currently on the schedule. Presenters: Teishan Ahearne, Kerri-Lee Harding & Bec Horridge. Topics: Current affairs Environment Indigenous Local Communities Protests About Earth … Continue reading Earth Matters
The Med Thread From opium poppies to sleeping pills, from sucking to infusing, from insomnia, anemia, auto immune diseases and beyond – we discuss the threads that led to current trends and research in medication therapy. Listen to The Med Thread monthly, as we sew a patchwork quilt with squares of history, mythology, research, sciences and technological advances. … Continue reading The Med Thread
Denim Radio COME RIDE THE ROLLERCOASTER OF BASS LINES!!! a.k.a. “DENIM RADIO”!!! A local DJ mix show featuring some new bass house, electronica, trap and drum n’ bass!! A commercial free DJ set. Set your phone alarm and don’t miss the newest, biggest-bassist sounds and music, awesome DJ sets and best artist interviews from local to international … Continue reading Denim Radio
In Studio With Kevin Looking for previous episodes? Scroll down. Kevin converses with his guests about topics of interest to the host & relevant to the community. Kevin takes the time to ask, to listen, to hear. The result: A vibrant show where guests shine and share their uniqueness with the audience. In Studio With Kevin airs Fridays at … Continue reading In Studio With Kevin
Diskoteka Kazdou sobotu od 10-11 hodin vecer. Dobra hudba vetsinou elektronicka  a zpravy obcas. CeskoKanadska perspektiva na svet. Every Saturday 10-11pm. Good music mostly electronic and sometimes news. CzechCanadian perspective on the world. Diskoteka is not currently on the schedule.
Sample Starfish and Coffee Episode #6 DJ Starfish was rocking solo on Sunday night, with DJ Little Beat taking the night off. The music and energy was thumping nonetheless. Here is an explanation of the show and sample from the Sunday July 16 show.  
To Be Determined With DJ Ryan.  Music linked to the day in history: births, deaths and artistic anniversaries.  Music ranges from from early recordings to new releases, with an emphasis on Canadian and independent music. Bedtime story at roughly 7:45. To Be Determined is not currently on the schedule.
The Lost Indie City An interactive, themed, radio show featuring, under-exposed, lost alt/indie tracks covering over 40 years of alternative music with Pete Fowler & Greg Secord. Join the conversation and make a request or suggestion on our Facebook page: Or via Twitter: @lostindiecity The Lost Indie City is not currently on the schedule.
MyAudioFace has landed at CKMS – Come get your metal on! Mark Wednesdays evenings at 10pm in your headbangers calendar, cuz you won`t want to miss the heaviest hour in Waterloo region: MyAudioFace, featuring Mr. K. In your face metal music, peppered with hard rock, alternative and other songs that may pop in Mr. K`s head. Sometimes Mr. K has stuff to say as well. If you … Continue reading MyAudioFace has landed at CKMS – Come get your metal on!
DJ Mix Sessions DJ Mix Sessions is not currently on the schedule.
Red Eye Radio For almost 50 years, Red Eye Radio Network has been a part of the fabric of the trucking industry by consistently providing professional drivers up-to-the-minute news, information, and entertainment. The show is motivated by one purpose — to deliver a positive, in-cab experience by helping trucker drivers/owner operators and fleet owners stay informed, engaged, and … Continue reading Red Eye Radio
Canadaland CANADALAND is a news site and podcast network funded by its audience. Our primary focus is on media criticism and media reporting. Canadaland is not currently on the schedule.
The New Music Phoenix The New Music Phoenix is not currently on the schedule.
Love Actually Love Actually is not currently on the schedule.
Souljah Sessions Souljah Sessions is not currently on the schedule.
Sik Beats Sik Beats is not currently on the schedule.
Strange Frequencies Strange Frequencies is not currently on the schedule.
Rise & Grind: the hustle is mine Rise & Grind: the hustle is mine is not currently on the schedule.
CKMS Newsroom (background of a busy newsroom, oversaturated colour) CKMS Community News News from the Waterloo Region community. CKMS Community News is not currently on the schedule. See all CKMS Community News articles. Subscribe to the CKMS Community News podcast! See all articles from any show in the CKMS Newsroom. And you can email to get in touch with comments or ideas about stories to cover. … Continue reading CKMS Community News
Unauthorized Disclosure On Unauthorized Disclosure Journalists Rania Khalek & Kevin Gosztola question social and political norms that too often go unchallenged and cover subjects that rarely receive complete attention in the U.S. media. Unauthorized Disclosure is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
Non-Toxic Music Music for a pleasant evening.
Flip Da Style Flip Da Style is not currently on the schedule.
CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports CKMS Wide World of Motorsports. Unlike other racing podcasts, we aren’t in it for the “Likes”. Wide World Of Motorsports. From the community, to the track! @CKMSWWOM on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube   Wide World of Motorsports is not currently on the schedule.
JamRock JamRock is not currently on the schedule.
SUR SANGEET SUR SANGEET is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
StarTalk Radio Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! Star Talk Radio is not currently on the schedule.
Tolking Cannabis Tolking Cannabis is not currently on the schedule. Your host is Vin Maru, who brings you all the latest news on cannabis legislation, agriculture, social culture, industry, and investments.
Moar Womyn on the Air Moar Womyn on the Air is not currently on the schedule.
ear candy Step right up! And enter the magical world of Ear Candy — a Calgary-based audio boutique for sound and score built on a foundation of passion and creativity…and some say a modicum of madness. Behind the curtain, the Ear Candy suite boasts everything needed to make your audio ready to perform in the centre ring. … Continue reading ear candy
Meharino Love Entertainment Meharino Love Entertainment
To Lunch To Lunch
The Battle of Kurukshetra manuscript illustration New Show: The Great Bharat Mark your calendar! There’s a new spoken word show coming this Sunday to SoundFM called The Great Bharat. The show will air The Mahabharata Podcast by Lawrence Manzo (iTunes) and I’ll be giving my own commentary along with some guest hosts. The Mahabharata is an ancient epic story, and one that is said to shape … Continue reading New Show: The Great Bharat
Pandemonium Radio Pandemonium Radio is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
The Remedy DJ Carmelo spins it a little lighter then his Street Hop Late night Show. Hip Hop!
AW@L Radio + Grand River Radical Radio start on friday! Friday September 29th 2011 will see the return of AW@L radio to Sound FM and will also see the premiere of The Daily Grand River Radical Radio (GRRR!) a project of the Grand River Media Collective. AW@L Radio airs from 16:00-17:00 on Fridays. The Daily GRRR! is no longer on the schedule.
Punjabi Junxxion Punjabi Junxxion – The biggest Junction of Talk and Music. Punjabi Junxxion has it all in its show, hosts Ajay Sahota and Harpreet Dhindsa Sahota gives their audience everything they would like to hear. The program is a combination of Shabad Gurbani, weather, interviews, music, sports, information on new tech gagets, talks on life, relations … Continue reading Punjabi Junxxion
La Roca La Roca is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.
No Crap Radio no crap radio with pj photographer, strategist, warrior. can slay dragons. exploring 80 years of musical accomplishments. dub, rock, folk, punk, psychedelia, jazz, world and of course the blues. intelligent conversation and social commentary occasionally. No Crap Radio is not currently on the schedule.
Dominican Culture Radio Domingo is not currently on the schedule.
Coral FM Coral FM – Interviews, Outerviews… Any Music I Feel Like…. Coral FM is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule. Recent Episodes See all previous episodes

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