To Be Determined

With DJ Ryan.  Music linked to the day in history: births, deaths and artistic anniversaries.  Music ranges from from early recordings to new releases, with an emphasis on Canadian and independent music.

Bedtime story at roughly 7:45.

To Be Determined is not currently on the schedule.

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  1. I am a performing singer-songwriter based in Windsor, Ontario. I play bluesy, alt-folk. I have a new release, the single “This Old World” being released on Nov.1 and EP to be released on Nov.15. I am attaching a link to the digital version (WAV), artwork, credits and lyrics files. Feel free to give it a spin on your station!
    Peace, K

    link to album:
    link to artwork:
    link to credits and lyrics:

  2. Hi Ryan,

    my name is Chris Landry, and I am a singer songwriter from Ottawa. I’d like to submit my most recent album, ‘One fifty five’, to you. It’s a country folk album that I wrote and recorded over 2016/2017.

    I’ve been writing, recording and releasing music with bands since the 2000s, (Glorious MoonRockets, Chester Story and the Glory, Harvey Cartel), and ‘One fifty five’ is my first solo venture. I’ve included a short description of the album, as well as links to a stream and download.

    Released in May 2017, ‘One fifty five’ contains 8 short stories of love, loss and heartbreak. The album is a collection of country songs as well as a heartfelt biopic of breakup and regret.

    While the album makes use of many classic country staples – the first person account of ‘2 bedroom apartment’, waltz time on ‘My eyes filled with tears’ and ‘Yukon nights’, lyrical repetition on ‘As the nights go shuffling down’ – it’s firmly rooted in the present in tracks like ‘Writing to explain’ and ‘Time stands’. The use of traditional instrumentation also adds to the deep country sounds of ‘One fifty five’, while never sounding forced or cliched.

    Since the release of ‘One fifty five’, Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas have been busy touring and working on their next release, (‘Two-93’), set to be released later this year. Regular airplay and appearances on local radio in Ottawa, (as well as charting as high as no 4 as far away as CHSR), has lead to a dedicated following and more touring.

    For fans of hank Williams, Willie Nelson, John Prine, Wilco

    Recommended listening:
    Yukon nights
    2 bedroom apartment
    As the nights go shuffling down
    Time stands

    Here are links to the album, as well as some nice things people have said about it…

    “Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas debut album One Fifty Five is a rarity of modern times in that it is a true blue country record. It hasn’t been bogged down by a longstanding institution that is now more concerned with churning out pop stars than telling honest tales of the soul. …THIS is what GOOD country music sounds like.”

    “This is music made from a darker and lonely place with pure honest emotion and sentiment oozing out of every verse. The steel string guitar really adds beauty to this melancholy, especially paired with Landry’s hurting yet comforting voice.”

    “While the tunes are certainly not uplifting (that doesn’t seem to be the party Landry is interested in playing), they are quite affecting. The harmonies and backing players provide a sighing backdrop to the stories told in the songs, circling and underlining the over-arching themes nicely. It is quite nice to hear this particular tradition holding strong, and Landry does justice to his emotions, while maintaining an intimate feeling throughout that amounts to a close up to his story.”

    Thank you

    Chris Landry

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