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  1. Hello there!

    Hope this finds you well. I manage the Toronto based and Waterloo formed indie rock band Long Range Hustle. Two of the band members are UW alumni in the engineering and science programs. We’re excited to have their new single “Comeback Kid” out and have lots of new music on the way. If you’re interested in having a listen, there’s a private link to stream and download “Comeback Kid” below. I’ve also attached a one sheet with their bio, recent highlights, etc. Would love to chat more about the band if you’re interested. Thanks!

    “Comeback Kid”: https://song.space/6curg2

    Genre: Indie Rock, Rock, Alt-Rock
    MAPL certified
    Title: Comeback Kid
    Performer: Long Range Hustle
    Composers: Paul Brogee, Jay Foster, Alexander Fisico, Ryan Pritchard, Michael Brogee
    Year: 2021

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