#CANYouthVoteMatter & #CANMinorityVoteMatter Awareness Campaign!

Aalaa, Abdullah & Ayla will invite a guest every Sunday who will talk on the importance of Youth & Minority Vote and how they can become an active and strong part of the election process and have their voices heard.

To sponsor or to advertise please contact 416 710 5608 or go to www.aalaaconseil.ca

More information available on www.aalaaconseil.ca and Facebook page at; https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Personal-Blog/CAN-Youth-Vote-Matter-and-CAN-Minority-Vote-Matter-354264868472370/

Youth and Minority can benefit a lot with their increased participation in the election process. Any legislation made today affects their present and future.

Youth being a quarter and Minority being 1/5th of the total Canadian population, can play a decisive role in the elections and make their elected representatives make legislations that matter to them.

This show will start from first Sunday of July 2019 (7th) to last Sunday of October 2019 (27th) (4 months).

Aalaa, Abdullah & Ayla will also sing songs in this Radio Show.

Aalaa have already talked about her show with Berry Vrbanovic – Kitchener Mayor, Dave Jaworsky – Waterloo Mayor, Catherine Fife – NDP MPP Waterloo, Alan Keeso – Conservative MP Candidate Kitchener-South Hespeler, Mike Morrice – MP Candidate Green Party Kitchener Centre, Andrew Moraga – NDP MP Candidate Kitchener-Centre, Bardish Chagger – Liberal MP for the riding of Waterloo, Kelly Dick – President Waterloo Regional Labour Council, Lauren Ross – Neighborhood Liaison, City of Kitchener  and many others and they have shown keen interest to be part of Aalaa’s Radio Show.

About Aalaa

Aalaa is a community youth leader who likes to work on projects especially for her community children, with the help of her siblings and friends. Her project themes include:

1. Making Canadian schools great again one student one tablet at a time.
2. Making Canadian kids’ strong again one kid one glass of milk at a time.
3. Judge us by using your senses of taste and sight.

She is a writer currently working on her first novel, “Sinking: The only way to grasp reality is to fade from it”. She is a singer, who likes to perform specially for the veterans. She makes video games and she has created characters like Trudy Fruity, Scheer Soda, Sajjan Pie, Mother May and Trumpity Dumpity. She has recently also started two new projects:
1. #CANYouthVoteMatter and #CANMinorityVoteMatter Awareness Campaign.
2. #DAMD (Daughters Against Marijuana Driving) and #DAHD (Daughters Against High Drivers). For more information visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Aalaa-Rehman-Youth-Leader-892898397454968/

Email: aalaarehman@gmail.com
cc ourchildrenmatter@aalaaconseil.ca

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