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Logging For Programmers

All shows from the start of Tuesday 28 December 2021 to the end of Friday 31 December 2021 are required to submit SOCAN program logs sheets. A link will be provided to programmers for a blank log sheet for their program.

Log sheets are due on 14 January 2022!

Get your log sheets in the SOCAN 2021 Log Sheets folder.

Below are some very helpful tools to get you on track with logging and the procedures that are involved. If you familiarize yourself with these tools and follow the template format, then logging is a simple process. 

There are no shows exempt from following logging procedures. Every programmer must do their part in order for CKMS to be in compliance with logging requirements.

As mentioned in the NCRA Regulatory Survival Guide, logging is important and is essential in being in compliance with the rules and laws. This document is full of excellent info. If you are unsure which category your show falls under or which percentage of CanCon your show requires, please refer to the guide.

Your logs may be required at any time. It is essential to keep up to date on your logs. If you had a show from 28-31 December 2021 you can find a blank log sheet for your show in the SOCAN 2021 Log Sheets folder. If you want to keep up logging for future episodes, download a SOCAN Log Sheet Template as an .ods or .xls file

Once you have filled out the log sheet, send in the completed sheet to
share the Google Document with

Please include the complete show name, your full name (not your DJ name) and the date as part of the filename, for example:

2021-12-31T1400 ckms community connections – bob jonkman.ods

This page is a work in progress and is a framework towards logging compliance. For further assistance, please contact the Programming Committee at

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