2023 Golden MP3 Award – SoundFM Soldier-0

Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | SoundFM Soldier | 2013 - Dan, Nat (station move) | 2014 | Mark, Dan (CRTC license) | 2015 - Mark, Nat (station move) | 2016 - Nat, Cam (station running) | 2017 - Nat, Rob (OTF grant) | 2018 - Bob, Nat (tech stuff) | 2019 - Bob, Chris (more tech) | 2020 - Bob, Jeff (COVID support) | 2021 - Lee Gregory (community support) | 2023 - Gary Van Osch & Barbara Urbach (studio painting)

SoundFM Soldier: 2023 – Gary Van Osch & Barbara Urbach (studio painting)

2023 Golden MP3 Award for “Sound FM Soldier”. given to two members who have put in a lot of work behind the scenes to keep Radio Waterloo Community Radio alive. The name is an homage to the past nickname of the station and the hard work that people did at that time to move the station from the UW campus and to become its own entity) *This award is often given to two people.

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