Screenshot from a youtube video of the City of Cambridge Council meeting for December 19th. THe screen shows the voting results for the motion titled " Exploring the Potential for Affordable Housing in City Parking Lots" Below the title is the table of votes sowing all the councilor names and how they voted. mayor Jan Liggett - no ward 1 Helen Shwery - no ward 2 Mike Devine - no ward 3 Corey Kimpson - yes ward 4 Ross Earnshaw - yes ward 5 Sheri Roberts - yes ward 6 Adam Cooper - no ward 7 Scott Hamilton - yes ward 8 Nicholas Ermeta - no

CKMS News – 2023-12-22- Cambridge council votes against investigating affordable home builds above city parking lots

CKMSNews-2023-12-22-Cambridge Rejects Affordable Housing in Parking Lots Study

by: dan kellar

Cambridge – Joined by 4 city councilors on December 19th, Cambridge mayor Jan Liggett voted against a motion to investigate the plausibility building affordable housing in raised buildings above city owned parking lots.

The motion, brought forward by ward 7 councilor Scott Hamilton was supported by all the delegates who presented at the meeting including resident Matthew Rodgers, the advocacy groups “Citizens for Cambridge”, “For the City”, and “Waterloo Region Yes In My Backyard”, and as stated by councilor Earnshaw, the Cambridge Business Improvement Association was also on board.

Despite strong support for the motion from delegates, and the voting support of councilors Kimpson, Earnshaw,  Roberts, and Hamilton, the motion was ultimately defeated, wIth Mayor Liggett suggesting churches should be converting their own parking lots for housing.  Before calling the vote, Liggett stated that voting “no” does not mean that a councilor is against building affordable housing.

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