DJ Mophead on CCC with Yenny

On the Monday 16th of October, 11 AM, CKMS Community Connections we talked with DJ Mophead!

It was an amazing conversation, and we learned a lot about how little Richard back in the day, when he was nine years’ old, discovered Hip Hop. Til he had an opportunity to start a show with CKMS, and quite the show at that. DJ Mophead had prepared daytime friendly tunes:

Skyblew x Navo the Maestro – Light Switch
Aesop Rock – Blood Sandwich
6 Dogs – Plant Life
Blu – j e s u s
Childish Gambino – Waiting
Bloquera – Back to the Grind Again

It was friggen awesome

Check it out The Clean-Up Hour sometime: Thursdays 12 midnight til 2 am

He’s also on SoundCloud: Mophead (Waterloo)

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