15 thoughts on “Father To Son”

    1. We love your version of Neil Young’s “Old Man” and I even had a story to go along with it………next is Strange Birds

      Take Care,

      Gary and Ben

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing my music on your show on Saturday February 4th, 2023 @ 12 Noon (EST) . Thanks so much for all you do for us Gary and Ben. We appreciate your support so much. We couldn’t do it without the help of you and all the wonderful dj’s out there who work tirelessly to bring our music to everyone.

    Thank you so much and all the best for 2023!

  2. Gee. Saturday morning is tough. I’m out in the community at the Farmer’s market, and connecting with people instead of being hunkered down beside the radio. Are they recorded? Would love to hear the Barb episode. Or check back on them all in the evenings when the work is done.

  3. Evolving with your kids involves efforts at keeping in touch, sometimes and more often finding a new grove, making the time and looking back with few regrets.
    I enjoyed the music, the musical stories and the father to son duo…refreshing and playful!
    Will tune in next week
    Until then I’ll make sure my hats right side!

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