From the Void #37 March 14th

Welcome to Episode #37 of From the Void – CKMS’ Experimental Music Show

Tonight will feature Mike Patton, Slivovitz, Sons of Kemet, Jaga Jazzist, Papadosio, Lotus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Gavin Harrison

Melt with me in the Void again this week…

ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Everything, Vol. 3 Spotify, You Tube and Bandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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See you in the Void!


3 thoughts on “From the Void #37 March 14th”

  1. Hi Chris, there is a band called Zuffalo playing in Cambridge on April 29, they are going to be playing Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety as well as some original music. Would you be willing to promote or even play some of their music on your show? They are going to give us tickets to give to listeners, can you benefit from that? Please contact me if you are

  2. Definitely felt the voidy jazz! Great show. That Zorn track was v interesting. I’m gonna have to go there one day. But not today! Today we live, and love and laugh! xxx

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