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Crawl, walk, run, cross country ski, snowshoe, 3 legged race, hike, bike, coach and train, observe, socialize and learn.  The options are endless year round and with spring just around the corner G2G encourages everyone to be part of over 127km of safe passage.  The organization is committed to working toward achieving equity and enhancing diversity. No matter your physical shape, accessibility, race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, we support participation and the enjoyment of the lifestyle of the trail.

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Did you bike your 150 during Canada’s 150?  Seventy-five year old Jim Bauman sure did – he averages at least 5000 km per year on his wheels.  No that is not a typo – Five. Thousand.  Part of that was indeed the entire G2G Rail Trail and he generously shared his experiences with us.

As a member of the Easy Riders cycling group and a cycling enthusiast extraordinaire, Jim is out on the trails or the roads almost every snowless day.  He has always enjoyed biking, and has often done longer trips with his wife and friends in West Virginia, around Lake Ontario’s 120km Waterfront Trail as well as touring around Lake Erie and the P’tit Trail du Nord in Quebec just to name a few.

Jim discovered the Kissing Bridge Trailway (KBT) nearly 25 years ago when he and his family moved spitting distance from it and he’s been a regular on the trail ever since.  He’ll often ride from Elmira to Guelph or Millbank, meeting at the turnaround for a meal date with his wife before heading back but until a G2G newsletter about #Canadarides150 and the IPM by the trail in Walton this past September hadn’t realized riding the entire G2G was a possibility. 

Although he has done over 100km in one day on paved roads this past summer he decided to break it down in chunks.  
The first leg was McNaught Line to Blyth and contained one detour that has since happily become unnecessary with the opening of the Blyth Brook Bridge in the fall.

Going from Blyth to Goderich he was able to experience the unique vista from the Mennesetung Bridge overlooking the Maitland River and out to the shore of Lake Huron.
Elmira to Millbank is old hat to Jim, but the next sections from Millbank to Milverton and the on to Walton were more of a challenge and also provided the most memorable moments of his G2G ride.  Since he completed his ride there have been more bridges installed at Monkton and Millbank making the route more easily passable by bike but at the time he roughed it over a few fences and detoured again in Walton.  It was also on the Perth Harvest Pathway that he shared the trail with a group of Mennonite children on scooters with fat tires as well as a herd of sheep!

After completing all sections of the G2G Jim shared his journey with us and made suggestions for improvements along the trail to ease the passage for future riders, including himself – he plans on doing the whole trail again in a two day trip as soon as it is fully connected. 
Thanks Jim – Happy Trails!!

Milverton Kiosk Project Completed 

In early December with the help of local Steward Group – The Milverton Lions Club, the installation of another kiosk was completed in Milverton at the trail-head located just off CPR Drive. This kiosk will enhance accessibility to the trail and help to promote, educate and increase public use of the Perth Harvest Pathway section. Once all phases are complete with signage and maps, trail users who live in or visit this community will be greeted with information about the trail, way-finding information for the area, and a resting point. This project was made possible with a grant from our partner the Stratford Perth Community Foundation through the International Plowing Match 2005 Fund.

Gateway and G2G Join Forces
New partnership sharing healthy goals

Photo credit Kathleen Smith/Goderich Signal Star

G2G is very excited to formalize a partnership with Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health.  Director of Operations Chris Lee met with Gateway director Jay McFarlan last month to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and provide another avenue to support and encourage healthy living in rural Ontario.

Gateway is a non profit research group that directs research and promotion with a goal to improve “the quality of life and overall health” right in G2G’s neighbourhood and we are pleased to find ways to work with them throughout the 13 communities we connect. 

Executive Coordinator

G2G Rail Trial Inc. is proud to welcome Grace Vanden Heuvel 

Hello G2G Newsletter Subscribers,

I am thrilled to be working with G2G Rail Trail Inc.. I am joining the team with enthusiasm, experience and a fresh set of eyes and ears!  Over the next several months there are many projects and events that will have my full attention. As the Executive Coordinator I am supporting the local communities and numerous volunteer board members in planning, administration and funding. I will be working diligently for G2G to ensure the committee, events, maps and charity stays a vibrant part of our local landscape. I look forward to meeting several new faces in 2018 on the trails, in the community, at meetings and events.  Make sure you join our social media pages to stay connected or you can reach me at grace@g2grailtrail.com for any reason.  

Together we are building bridges and connecting local communities while developing safe and accessible trails.

Thank you,

Grace Vanden Heuvel

Events you Won't Want to Miss
This Spring we are coming at you with great opportunities to get participating in events and live a healthy and safe lifestyle; motivating you off the couch and into the community.
Wednesday June 6th, 2018
Dr. Ahuja Memorial Charity Golf Tournament
Proceeds will go to expanding the Middlebrook Memorial Garden
Ariss Valley Golf and Country Club 5700 Wellington County Rd 86, Ariss, ON  

Friday June 29th, 2018 – Monday July 2nd, 2018

4 Day Rail Trail Ride on Canada Day Long Weekend. 
This will be a GREAT ride from the Guelph area to Lake Huron and back!
Please let us know if you (and your Club/Family) is interested: info@g2grailtrail.com
Cost per Rider, Routes and Registration to be announced shortly

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1st Annual G2G Fall Colours Ride 

Sunday October 22nd, 2017, G2G proudly hosted its first Fall Colours Fundraising Ride for Hospital and Hospice.   Thirty-four riders took advantage of the gorgeous weather to cycle 28km and raise nearly $11,000.  Twenty percent of the funds raised will be put towards the trail while the remainder to the essential works of the AMGH Hospital Foundation and the Huron Residential Hospice.

Milverton Trail-head

Hardworking volunteers from G2G, Stratford Perth Community Foundation and Milverton Lions Club joined forces in early December to build and install a new kiosk for your information and resting pleasure!  Maps to follow later this year…


Just a quick “humble brag” to remind you of the three new bridges that were installed along the G2G last year in Walton, Monkton and Millbank.  Plans are underway for even more bridges over the next 2-3 years as we keep moving forward to our ultimate goal:  147 km of fully accessible, safe and healthy rail trail.  In case you wanted to see it again, here’s a link to our video of the Blyth Brook Bridge in Walton. Enjoy!

Volunteer with Us!

The G2G Rail Trail Experience is physically made up of three distinct trail sections within four counties and includes 13 communities.

The Experience also consists of the communication, education and events on the trail.  It takes much time and effort to coordinate this backdrop to the trail and we need more help! 

If you have time and skills to help with newsletter writing, social media marketing, event coordination and other enthusiasm ambassador roles please contact us at:  volunteer@g2grailtrail.com 

Currently we are looking for individuals for who would like the share their time and experience in; 

G2G Rail Trail Charitable Foundation – Board Members
G2G Rail Trial Events – Community Chairs & Captains
G2G Rail Trail Financials – Commitee Members
G2G Rail Trail Operations – Commitee Members and Trail Rangers

If you would like to volunteer specifically to help with the physical trail work parties to improve the trial, please email the contact for the section of trial in which you are interested; 

Kissing Bridge Trailway
Section: From Guelph to Millbank
Contact: Mike Curtis

Perth Harvest Pathway

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