Hi Programmers!
First, I'm sorry if you get two of these emails….We are working with the new email system and I'm still figuring it out. I think I did it right but haven't received it yet.
Anyways, Tomorrow starts SOCAN reporting! (sorry for the late notice)
A few things to keep in mind. We need to play 33% Canadian and only 40% hits.
If your show is Tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Please send me your set list. I need the following information:
Date | Song Title | Performer | Composer |
FYI – we will be loading up Airtime also, so if you are in the studio just be aware that something might start playing during your time slot. You will need to turn that dial down.
Thanks! Please send your set lists to me!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

283 Duke St W, Unit 114b
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

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