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July 23rd – At the Newly Named CKMS Youtube Page!

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Special Mentions:

Hug of Thunder and The Marble Index

Here is the full podcast from Sat May 2nd! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!

Album:  Hug of Thunder
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Year: 2017
Notes: Hug of Thunder is the fifth studio album by this amazing Canadian indie rock musical collective. With all the amazing collaborations this is an exciting album with many different sounding tracks depending upon who is collaborating!

Album:  The Marble Index
Artist: The Marble Index
Year: 2004
The Marble Index is a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The group formed in 2001, and comprised Brad Germain, Ryan Tweedle, and Adam Knickle. The band is named after the album The Marble Index by Nico! We opened for this band onetime…not really but we played at the same venue on the same night!

Check it out in the podcast above and then go support these two amazing CANADIAN bands!


Set Yourself on Fire & Transmission

Here is the full podcast from Sat Apr. 25th! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!

Album:  Set Yourself on Fire
Artist: Stars
Year: 2004
Notes: Another one of my favourite albums! Immediately transform yourself into a happy mood by listening to this amazing album from start to finish. With multi-vocals, amazing instrumental performances and super catchy songs there is never a dull moment on this album!

Album:  Transmission
Artist: The Tea Party
Year: 1997
As I was getting set to play this album I was wondering if it would translate over 20 years later. Back when it was released this was the most futuristic album. I was in awe at the integration of new music instruments and a old ethnic instruments and sounds. The result was pure genius! I’m happy to announce that this is still amazingness!

Check it out in the podcast above and then go support these two amazing CANADIAN bands!


Zam & Hot Hot Heat

Here is the full podcast from Sat Mar. 14th! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!


Album:  Hot Hot Heat
Artist: Hot Hot Heat
Year: 2016
Notes: After 17 years, five albums, and numerous line up changes, Hot Hot Heat are calling it quits with their final, self-titled LP, which looks back on things with surface cheeriness and tangible fatigue. This album was not really toured but is one of my favourite albums that I have not only in my Hot Hot Heat collection but in my entire vinyl collection!

Album:  Zam
Artist: Frankie and the Witch Fingers
Year: 2019
Frankie & the Witch Fingers‘ fifth album, 2019’s Zam, sounds as psychedelic as a paisley shirt under a blacklight, but it’s also the work of a furiously tight band with plenty of guitar firepower, a killer rhythm section, and enough energy and momentum to fly around the globe non-stop….the internet says. For me, my brother bought me this vinyl and I had no idea what it was about. I put it on and immediately loved this entire album! It was in the CKMS Top 19 of 2019. Check it out above then go purchase your copy!



Songs for the Deaf, Incesticide, Bat outta Hell, Live it out, II

While the station was setting up it’s remote broadcast server in the early days of the COVID-19 self isolation I took it upon myself to fill the airwaves on a few days. One of those days I featured an abundance of great albums. The show was not streamed nor podcasted but with this HUGE bands I knew it wouldn’t matter anyways because these bands have super strict podcasting copyrights. In this group we even got to a few requested albums!

Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil & Guidance

Here is the full podcast from Sat Mar. 14th! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!


Album:  Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
Artist: Pretend
Year: 2009
Notes: I think this is one of the most underrated post-rock albums. The musicianship is absolutely insane, the vocals are perfect, not intrusive but still there, the lyricism is abstract to just the right degree.  Check it out and let me know if you agree!

Album:  Guidance
Artist: Russian Circles
Year: 2016
Notes: Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental band from Chicago, Illinois. They were formed in late 2004. Check out this album as a great representation of their music. All their albums sound like heavier Post-Rock with moments of beauty throughout!
Let me know what you think!



Bellaclava, Deleter, Bedlam in Goliath

Here is the full podcast from Sat. Feb 22nd! Three great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Plus a new show font added to optimize space – this little patch is going to get coloured soon!

Album:  Bellaclava
Artist: Limblifter
Year: 2000, 2020
Notes:  I can’t believe that this album came out 20 years ago! What a great album! Limblifter is a Canadian Classic. So to mark the 20 year anniversary the album was released for the first time on vinyl. The album includes an updated mastering process, which sometimes ruins an album in my opinion but for this album it sounds great AND the album also includes two extra unreleased tracks. Check it out above on our podcast and then get ordering! This vinyl is limited to only 300 copies!
Album:  Deleter
Artist: Holy F&$#
Year: 2020
Notes: Already in the running for one of the best albums released this year is Holy F%$^’s Deleter album! This album picks up right where the band left off with more cool electronic/indie combo tracks! Check out the full albums above on our podcast the go out and get this sweet vinyl!

Album:  Bedlam in Goliath
Artist: The Mars Volta
Year: 2008
Notes: I consider The Mars Volta one of my “Vinyl Bands”. Some bands I will just wait to listen until I get the vinyl. Some I have to have it so fast I will take anything. It is not a question of which bands I like more, I believe it has more to do with the type of music. Post Rock & Math Rock seem to be more “Vinyl Bands”. All others are CD, Digital and I’ve even started dabbling in tapes thanks to 3Nines Cassettes! Anyways, This album changed all that for me….Check out the podcast above!

Oneiric, Magnifique, Anywhere

Here is the full podcast from Sat. Feb 15th! Three great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic.

Album:  Oneiric
Artist: Del Bel
Year: 2011
Notes:  I believe I came across this album while I was looking for Canadian content for our Audio comic “The Electrifying Adventures (of DJ Jeff E Jeff)” and loved the chill-out vibe of this whole album. I found a CD copy in the studio and have enjoyed the full album ever since!

Album:  Magnifique
Artist: Ratatat
Year: 2015
Notes: Ratatat is a Brooklyn-based electronic rock duo consisting of Mike Stroud (guitar, melodica, synthesizers, percussion) and producer Evan Mast (bass, synthesizers, percussion).

Album:  Anywhere
Artist: Anywhere
Year: 2012
Notes: Anywhere has featured a revolving door of musicians, including Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Mike Watt, Krist Novoselic, Dale Crover and Jonathan Hischke


Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone & Heavy Meta

Mano A Mano podcast of two great full albums on Concept Album available here:

Album:  Who will cut our hair when we’re gone?
Artist: The Unicorns
Year: 2003 – re-released in 2014
Notes:  This album is the Unicorns debut studio album. This is also their final album. The Unicorns released a self produced album and a few other smaller EPs but nothing as complete as this magnificent album.

Album:  Heavy Meta
Artist: The Mounties
Year: 2019
Notes:  Super group “The Mounties” released some instant classics on their first album “Thrash Rock Legacy”. This second album was released very quietly. The Album was released and Hawksley Workman toured his solo album, Ryan Dahle started planning a Limblifter re-release and Steve Bays started a brand new project with Prairie Cat. This album is absolutely fantastic! Check it out in the podcast above!

History – Controller Controller

Album(s):  History
Artist: Controller Controller
Year: 2004
Notes:  As we continue on with bands that we have played with this is one of my favourites! Controller Controller was an amazing band both live and on their two (only) albums! In order to squeeze in 3 albums we went with their debut album “History” which is a hard hitting 7 songs – something not done much back then….too long and too much depth for an EP, but kinda short for a full length album. A lot of places now call this an EP.

Golden MP3 Awards

All the programmers at CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo
Programmers at CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo. Back L-R: Mason Tikl, Yasin Dewji, Rob McKenna, Jeff Stager, Andy Nagpal, Barbara Garrett, Cam Matthers DJ Denim); Middle L-R: Indira Singh, Nat Persaud, Rashmi Sanjay, James Jordan, Narendra Grover, Patrick Ng, Roman Pernica; Front L-R: Vin Maru, Jenniefer Stronge, Bob Jonkman, Milan Majstorovic

What a record turn out of CKMS DJ’s at the After Holiday Party! The Golden MP3 Awards took physical form! Here is the recap of the what was given out!

Nat Persaud with Rashmi Sanjay holding her Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Rashmi Sanjay

The Local Liaison of Canada award is given to a DJ who puts local stories on a national level: Rashmi Sanjay, host of In Conversation with Rashmi.

James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman holding their Golden MP3 Award plaques
James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman

The Best Talk Focus award is given to a show that has had the best talk focused programs for the year: James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman who host CKMS Community Connections.

Nat Persaud with Vin Maru holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Vin Maru

The Most Original Program award is given to an original program that you will not find on radio anywhere but on CKMS! The winner is Vin Maru of Tolking Cannabis.

Nat Persaud with Narendra Grover holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Narendra Grover

The FUNdraiser Of The Year award is given to a FUN spirit during our fundraising efforts! The winner is Narendra Grover who hosts Sur Sangeet

Nat Persaud, with Jeff Stager holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Jeff Stager

The Freshest Beats award is given to a great program that is in its first 3 years! The winner is Jeff Stager, host of Golden Record.

Nat Persaud holds his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud

Sonic Boom is a throw-back to the old CKMS Sonic Boom awards and is awarded to the best music based program of the year. The winner is Nat Persaud, hosting Pressure Drop.

Francis Claire setting up a speaker
Francis Claire

The DJ AdRock Memorial Award for Exceptional DJing is given to a DJ who exemplifies the qualities of the EDJ Academy. The winner is Francis Claire of 3 Nines Radio: Tape Tuesdays /w Francis Claire.

Riley Powis holds his Golden MP3 plaque
Riley Powis

The Teamwork Transition award is given to the best 1-2 seamless transition programs on CKMS: The winners are Chris Sherren and Riley Powis from Into The Void and The Riley Powis Show.

The Video King the Radio Star award is given to the show who best utilizes the OTF video system to support their program. The winner is Sean Bush of Reggae Patrol.

The SoundFM Soldier award is given to two members who have put in a lot of work behind the scenes to keep CKMS Community Radio alive. The term “SoundFM” was once used as the name of the station as community members put in countless hours of volunteer work to keep the station alive. The winners are Chris Sherren and Bob Jonkman, both on the Tech Committee.

The Best Cultural/Culturally Diverse show is awarded to a show the best show that either features many different cultures or represents a culture that is under represented in the area. The winner is Bassam Awwad of the Mazaj Show.

The Best LP Show (LP is “Long Playing”) is awarded to the years best show that has been running for 3+ years. The winner is Souljah Sessions.

The Community Radio Award is given to a show that exemplifies what Community Radio is all about – COMMUNITY! The winner is Narine Dat Sookram of Let’s Chit Chat With Narine Dat.

Nat Persaud and Rob McKenna

The Best Graphic Material award is given to a program who is creating the Best accompanying images for their podcast or program. The winner is Rob McKenna of Mano A Mano.

In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving

Check out our weekend podcast above where our sub-theme was “Green” albums – to add as leaves on our #ConceptAlbum mosaic. We might record our podcasts this way moving forward….still experimenting! If you have a preference let us know:

Album:  In A Coma
Artist: Matthew Good
Year: 2005
Notes:  Probably one of Canada’s best musicians! Between the years of 1995-2005 Matt Good could do no wrong! Check it out here!

Album: Vehicles Boyond
Artist: Kitchens & Bathrooms
Year: 2003
Notes:  These guys were a fantastic band from Hamilton. I picked up this album years ago at one of their show before I ever knew about “Math Rock” I saw them perform a few times….great album. Might be hard to find! Check it out in the podcast above!

Album:  Lizard Tree
Artist: Green Tree Frogs
Year: 2018
Notes:  Enjoy a day at the lizard tree with the Green Tree frogs! You can download this album free here:

Album: Still Life Fast Moving
Artist: Mean Red Spiders
Year: 2003
Notes:  I found out about these guys when we played in Toronto. Possibly opened for this band. They were classified as alternative, shoegaze. I found them to be awesome! I have a few of their albums. In playing this album I found out they had released an album in 2014 that I’ve got to check out!

Latin, Congrats, Holy F

Last week on Mano A Mano we listened to all three of Holy F%&K’s albums!

Holy F%&K puts out amazing albums…and it was rumored that a new album called “DELETER” was coming out soon!

Album(s):  Congrats, Latin, Holy F&%K
Artist: Holy F&%K
Year: 2016, 2010, 2007
Notes:  We look forward to a new album by Holy F%&K by listening to their previous albums! New album is out now! And our copy is being delivered soon!

Sight, Distance, Pick A Piper

Album: Sight & Distance & Pick A Piper
Artist: Pick A Piper
Year: 2019, 2017, 2013
Notes: This are all three of the main albums created by Toronto-Waterloo band Pick A Piper. Special Note: Pick A Piper appeared on the Mano A Mano show for their first (self-titled) album on album release day! Make sure to check out this band and order their music for some wicked chill out grooves!

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio


Elevated Tracks

Album: Elevated Tracks
Artist: Cyanide Kiss
Year: 2018
Notes: Each track from this album was taken from one of the limited edition Cyanide Kiss album from the years 2002-2009, remastered and made available online.

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio



Album: Swoon
Artist: Silversun Pickups
Year: 2009
Notes: Silversun Pickups have released an albums this year that is amazing also! This album was chosen to display how well the singles fit within the framework of the rest of the album.

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio


Pisces Iscariot

Album: Pisces Iscariot
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Year: 1994
Notes: This is a compilation of B-sides formed into an album and was still one of their greatest albums and one of the best albums of the year back in 1994.

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio


Eat the Elephant

Album: Eat the Elephant
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Year: 2018
Notes: This was #2 on the CKMS chart for that year! This is currently one of DJ Steel’s most listened to albums!

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio