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CKMS Phone App

Take the community with you wherever you are! Hook up your air buds to your phone and you can listen to CKMS anywhere in the world!

The CKMS phone app is still under construction! Currently all it can do it play the radio stream and get secret MAM notifications! This is version 1.0.  Download Here

Version 1.1 Available Here
Updates: Radio play/stop button added to Sunflower image, MAM stuff Deleted, Request line added, Link to Website Added, “MAM Notification” changed to “Secret Message”

ASDF Robot Apocalypse Series

Here is the first of the Home Row Robot Apocalypse Series podcasts ASDF featuring all the bands of the skeleton track creators of the Robot Apocalypse project that started here at CKMS!

Deep Cut Film Festival 2019

The Deep Cut Film Festival was a great success this year! I was able to check out a bunch of great movies and interview many of the directors and writers! Check out the podcast here!

Inner Attitude Gage – Robot Apocalypse Series

Here is the next Mano A Mano Robot Apocalypse Series show titled “Inner Attitude Gage” featuring the music of collaborators Gary Cain and 54-40!


Music Review: Audio Boffins

From the depths of a dark alley in Canada comes the electronic infused, percussion driven, solo album by Jeff McKenna called Audio Boffins. If you have been looking for the elixir to take you to the next realm this is it! Audio Boffins is a continual experiment of sound and electronics that was recorded between Robot Apocalypse sessions in the infamous UpTown secret concert spot called “Down the Alley”.
The warmly dark album is sure to comfort your during the darkest of winter days! Sit back and enjoy!