AWH Take-over #10 One Year in Modular & Final Free Coffee

In this episode of the podcast I feature all the past episode feature artists and a bit of the modular journey that I have experienced since the last episode. If your on your journey, I hope you have a good one and can learn from some of my mistakes.

Radio Takeover 10 Featuring all the solo artists from the first 9 episodes

FREE Coffee #4:

The Free coffee can be found at this location. This video was just released today!

Electricity Park with MI Rings and Qu-Bit Surface

The Coffee is located on a bench at this location. If you are unfamiliar with the location this next video has the Google Maps location:

Data Bent Manis Iteritas

Note: The park might be hard to find but the free coffee is not if you check around the benches. If it is not there it might be gone. Thanks for playing and maybe I will do it again next summer.




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