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Bellaclava, Deleter, Bedlam in Goliath

Here is the full podcast from Sat. Feb 22nd! Three great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Plus a new show font added to optimize space – this little patch is going to get coloured soon!

Album:  Bellaclava
Artist: Limblifter
Year: 2000, 2020
Notes:  I can’t believe that this album came out 20 years ago! What a great album! Limblifter is a Canadian Classic. So to mark the 20 year anniversary the album was released for the first time on vinyl. The album includes an updated mastering process, which sometimes ruins an album in my opinion but for this album it sounds great AND the album also includes two extra unreleased tracks. Check it out above on our podcast and then get ordering! This vinyl is limited to only 300 copies!
Album:  Deleter
Artist: Holy F&$#
Year: 2020
Notes: Already in the running for one of the best albums released this year is Holy F%$^’s Deleter album! This album picks up right where the band left off with more cool electronic/indie combo tracks! Check out the full albums above on our podcast the go out and get this sweet vinyl!

Album:  Bedlam in Goliath
Artist: The Mars Volta
Year: 2008
Notes: I consider The Mars Volta one of my “Vinyl Bands”. Some bands I will just wait to listen until I get the vinyl. Some I have to have it so fast I will take anything. It is not a question of which bands I like more, I believe it has more to do with the type of music. Post Rock & Math Rock seem to be more “Vinyl Bands”. All others are CD, Digital and I’ve even started dabbling in tapes thanks to 3Nines Cassettes! Anyways, This album changed all that for me….Check out the podcast above!

Noctourniquet – The Mars Volta

Last night on Mano A Mano – Concept Album we feature a few great albums. The first of which is pure perfection in an album! Check out the podcast below for The Mars Volta’s Noctourniquet.

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