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AWH Radio Take-Over 1 Featuring Cara Leigh

In this radio podcast I was playing with my NiftyCASE and my brand new Mutable Instruments Plaits module. I was also using the Cre8Audio Chips Module and a few LFOs from the Function Junction and the behringer 150.

The featured solo artist is Cara Leigh. Check out her Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/caraleig…

Check out her music at her bandcamp page here: https://caraleigh.bandcamp.com/album/…

AWH Take-Over with Cara Leigh

I took over the Mano A Mano show trying to create a little jam with my Eurorack to create new content for a forthcoming album. At the same time I decided to feature another solo artist Cara Leigh whom I worked with on Robot Apocalypse. If you are a huge fan of oscillators this is the podcast for you!