Into the Void

Every Friday from 10pm to 11pm I will take you deep into the void to explore music of the mind and hopefully teach you a few things about music you know or music you have never heard. Occasionally you will hear music I have, painstakingly, brought into this world from the deepest depths of my mind.

Here is a link to my Google Drive with all the shared files to listen to past episodes.

See you in  the VoiD


February 1st Song list

It gets Funkier IV – Vulfpeck
I’m a Man – Ty Seagall
Manglenese – Ray Barbee
The Endless Road – Tommy Guerrero
Galaxy’s Hygene – Rrrrags
The Dura Plane – Jakob Skott
Golden Tornado – Gadget
The Mescalin – Afro Dub
Arriving Nowhere – Sula Bassana


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