Magical Wizards Festival-Waterloo Central Railway

Thanks for your interest in the Magical Wizards Festival. I look forward to speaking with the hosts about any opportunities they have avaliable. Attached below is the flyer for the festival and here is a link to our festival's video on YouTube:
The festival takes place on September 8 and 9th with multiple interactive train experiences running both days. Here is some more information about the event.
"Train Ticket holders will become agents upon boarding the "Hogwarts Express". Prior to boarding the train all agents will enter our training camp allowing them exclusive entertainment, live music, aerial acts and illusions like never seen before.

ALL ABOARD!! Your dark forces briefing and training begins as you board the train with your professors and off you go on this mystical excursion. Some prisoners have been plotting to escape "Azkaban" Spellbound prison, it is your job to help transport them to a new secure location to await trial. Will you be successful in the mission?

At the Festival Harry Potter fans may take part in interactive shows, potions classes, learn about the care of magical creatures, take a workshop in Defending Against the Enemy, write spells and see wondrous animals and magic shows. Fans can join thousands of other Harry Potter fans to wander the merchants of our Enchanted Alley where you can see all sorts of strange and wonderful items and maybe even sip on some Butter Beer too!

Fans are encourage to wear their Harry Potter costumes. Go all out with your garments relating to Harry Potter, Moaning Myrtle, Hagrid, Dumbledore and more Harry Potter characters. Dress to impress; it will only add to the fun!"

Feel free to contact me for more information about the event. I look forward to speaking with the hosts!


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