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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #16

What’s up, y’all? Couple days early again with this post. First and foremost, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Yes Nice White Washed Walls Remix Indie Rock CanCon
FKB 123 FKB Rock CanCon
Ryan Boldt Broadside Ballads Pop CanCon
Shuug and the Temporary Men County Folk CanCon
Vance Joy Dream Your Life Away Indie Rock Indeterminable
John Orpheus John Orpheus is Dead Pop NSFR CanCon/KWCon
John Mann The Waiting Room Pop CanCon
Black Crown Initiate The Wrekage of Stars Metal No
es. Aspire to Inspire Rap CanCon
Rosedale Sampler 2014 Rock Indeterminable
Aqua Alta Dreamsphere Pop CanCon
Alden Penner Exegesis Alternative NOTE: album is incomplete due to CD reading errors CanCon
Catherine Maclellan The Raven’s Sun Country CanCon
Tracy Lalonde Little Letters Alternative CanCon
Elliot Thomas Through the Darkness & Cold Folk CAnCon
The Meds South America Rock CanCon
Gruvoria Space Butter Jazz No
Lucid and the Flowers L.A.T.F 1st EP Dance CanCon
Biblical Monsoon Season Rock CanCon
Ben Stevenson Dirty Laundry R&B CanCon
Lovers Love Haters Lovers Love Haters Pop Indeterminable
Scott Shea Let it Storm Country & Folk No
Kolony Sledge Metal Track 11 may be NSFR CanCon
Coast Redwood Spirit Rock CanCon
Bill Wood & the Woodies Oh Look Rock CanCon
Jay Malinowski & the Deadcoast Martel Indie Rock CanCon
Animal Nation A Great Impression of a Charming Young Gentleman Rap NSFR CanCon
Closer Talker Flux Indie Rock CanCon
Secret Sun Cold Coast Indie Rock CanCon
Concealer Feted:Fetid Jazz CanCon

Here is the mix:


Yukon Blonde – Summer in July
Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Yandere
Bears in Hazenmoore – Wedding Season
Foxhart Fishman – This Drive Was Planned
Jesse and the Dandelions – Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Noah Zacarin – Small Town Novel
Dana Sipos – Lily in the Window
Ben Kunder – Night Sky
Brother Leeds – Canadian Girl
Waves that Stray – Mr. Wild the Killer Child
Murray Little & Bob Chartier – Grandma’s Pickle Jar
Urkmisher – It’s Only Friday, Jr.
Body Lens – Mikey
The Forks – One Degree
High Parade –This Town
Ensign Broderick – The Bedrooms of My Youth
Deadbeat & Camara – Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
Calpurnia – Greyhound
Road Waves – Red Sun Rising
Jay Ross vs. Teekay – Subatomic
Sabo Forte – Ride or Die F Rubix
Astin Clark – Mistresses
Eddie Quotez – Kush and Anime
Ice tha One – In the Paint
Dustin Moore – Letter to my Eight Year Old Self
Philly Moves – Drunk Dial
Haviah Mighty – For Free

See y’all next week!

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