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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #33

What’s up, y’all? First up, here is what I’ve added to Libretime in the past week:

National Security Band Critical Sound Theory Rock No
Liyah Annles Child Born Strong R&B No
Symphony of Nine The Gallery Pop CanCon
Milladoiro Galicia No Tempo Traditional No
Code Pie Let Me – Single Rock CanCon
Neil Conway Songs for Topical Use Rock CanCon
Suede Suede Indie Rock CanCon
Talking Violet It’s Gonna Be Good – Single Pop CanCon
Relic Kings Hey Goodnight – Single Rock CanCon
DM LaFortune Mr. Businessman’s Blues – Single Blues CanCon
Russell Brannon Sojourn Jazz CanCon
The Town Heroes Singin’ Rock CanCon
Brown Ale The Carlton Showband – Single Pop CanCon
Menzies Spaghetti Land Rock No
14 Flamingos Lawn Songs Rock CanCon
With Violet Saturday Nights in Your Sunday Best Pop CanCon
fxvrrst CBAYAOM – Single Alternative CanCon
Marvin Caleb Map Vini – Single Pop CanCon
Odario Sunset Flicks – Single Hip Hop NSFR CanCon
Simon Astley OMG – Single Pop No
The Howlin’ Gales Slow Dancing in a Crowded Room Rock CanCon
Amanda Martinez Recuerdo Latin CanCon
Soul Filter A Minor Conspiracy Rock CanCon
Huun-Hurr-Tu The Orphan’s Lament Traditional No
Lawns The Worrier – Single Rock No
Zaffi Gousopoulos The Queen’s Incurable Inglish Spoken Word CanCon
Laura Sea Certified Anti-Depressant – Single Rock CanCon
Various Artists Jazz Montreal Jazz CanCon
Impedance of Free Space Computer Electronic CanCon/KwCon
Solex Solex vs. The Hitmeister Indie Rock No
Tanner Christian Gesek Charisma Instrumental No
Retrograth Coagulation Alternative No
Lisa Oribasi Oscillation – Single Pop No
Jay Allan Shame On Me – Single Country CanCon
Icarus Phoenix High Tide – Single Indie Rock No
Tessa Rose Jackson & Noon Garden The Antidote – Single Singer-Songwriter No
Wasted Youth Club MINDS – Single Rock No
prchr. Album One: everything that’s wrong with me Rock NSFR (radio edits are available for half the album) No
Blue Eyed Red Lady Starlight – Single Rock CanCon
Delta High Sunny Day – Single Pop No
BD Gottfried Ghosts and Girls Rock CanCon
Primaluce Simple Sunrise – Single Pop No
Michael Botte Band Dance With Your Shadow – Single Rock No
Milltown Philosophers Milltown Philosophers Folk CanCon

Here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


National Security Band – Humans Need Not Apply
Fxrrvst – CBAYAOM
Relic Kings – Hey Goodnight
14 Flamingos – Old Wet Sweater
Menzies – 8/10
Blue Eyed Red – Lady Starlight
Jay Allan – Shame On Me
Icarus Phoenix – High Tide
Talking Violet – It’s Going to be Good
With Violet – Mountains are Calling
Wasted Youth Club – MINDS
Lawns – The Worrier
PRCHR – Rock Bottom
Retrograth – Eternal Grains
Brown Ale – The Carlton Showband
The Town Heroes – Hockey Fights
The Howlin Gales – Slow Dancing in a Crowded Room
Simon Astley – OMG
Delta High – Sunny Day
Primaluce – Simple Sunrise
Tessa Rose Jackson & Noon Garden – The Antidote
Milltown Philosophers – High on the Hillside
Mike Casey – Calle Pizarro
Russell Brannon – Thistle Street
Amanda Martinez – Mi Libertad
Tanner Christian Gesek – Autumn Air
The Hi Fi Collective – Cool Time
Johnny Griffin – Rhythm-a-ning
Kira Martini – Life’s Roundabouts

See y’all next time!

PS: Programmers, please be aware that an invitation to an upcoming music committee meeting will be in your inboxes soon.

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