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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #34

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine! Here is what I’ve added to Libretime since last week:

Brianna Nita Nothing Better – Single Pop CanCon
Toronto Tabla Ensemble Toronto Tambla Ensemble World CanCon
King Sunny Ade  and the New African Beats Live at the Hollywood Palace Pop No
Straight Faced Pulling Teeth Punk No
keep me safe ALL ALL EVER SEE Alternative CanCon
The Pooh Sticks The Great White Wonder Indie Rock No
CeDell Davis Feel Like Doin’ Something Wrong Blues CanCon
Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra LIVE LAUGH DECOLONISE – SINGLE Pop/Hip Hop Explicit and Clean Versions Available No
Benny Millman; Benson White Out Damned Spot – Single Rock CanCon
Caroline Parke The Hills are Alive Once More – Single Singer-Songwriter CanCon
Doug Wilde The Sixth Dimension Jazz CanCon
justjonas 222 – Single Rock CanCon
Jyotsna Srikanth Carnatic Nomad Classical/World No
Jordyn Rayne Lady Rock Tracks 4, 11, and 12 are explicit CanCon
IKO A Lil’ Country – Single Hip Hop NSFR No
Roots Round Up Up Rooted Rock CanCon
Eekwol Apprentice to the Mystery Hip Hop CanCon
Jon Brooks Ours and the Shepherds Folk CanCon
Amanda Palmer There Will Be No Intermission Indie Rock No
Lou-Adriane Cassidy C’est La Fin Du Monde a Tous Les Jours Pop CanCon
Ghulam Mustafa Khan Ragas Traditional No
Joe Lapinski The Beauty Beyond Soundtrack CanCon
Jorge Martinez Hasta Siempre/Playa Blanca Latin Indeterminable
Matthew Carter From South Furby Folk CanCon
Lucas O’Connell Wet Moccasin Moondance Folk CanCon
Emerald Falls Out of Sight – Single Country No
Leland Philpot We Movin – Single Hip Hop/Religious No
Laura Rae Sad Songs (Singles) Folk Full album later this year CanCon
Alanna Matty Restless – Single Folk CanCon
Amber Elara Heart – Single Rock No
Elizabeth Sheppard So Long Gone – Single Folk CanCon
Dr. Sepi Burning Down Oslo in ’94 – Single Electronic No
Sophie van Hasselt Focus on the Good – Single Pop No
Iris Jean Got an Idea – Single Pop No
VanWyck Desert Bride – Single Folk No
The Commoners Restless Rock CanCon
The Green Kingdom Horizons Ambient No
Alise Ashby Stardust Classical No
Courtney Wolfe Hide & Seek – Single Pop CanCon/KwCon
The Whythouse Full Tank of Gas – Single Country CanCon/KwCon
Teenage Art Scene Minor Leagues Rock CanCon
Various Artists Balearic Headspace Vol 7 (Sampler) Pop No
Viktrola Viktrola Pop No
Cc Trubiak Tiny Army: the D. Holmes Sessions Pop CanCon
Les Poules a Colin Morose Folk CanCon
Claire Coupland On the Other Side Pop CanCon
The Sweet Lowdown The Sweet Lowdown Country CanCon
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin God Fodder Alternative No
Dadawa Sister-Drum New Age No
Steve Turre Sanctified Shells Jazz No
Lake of the Woods Singers Songs of Thunder Traditional CanCon
Penner MacKay Rhythm Dust Traditional CanCon
Joe Lington Move Your Body – Single R&B No
Francis Dance Push – Single Pop No
Sexy Mathematics Especially You – Single Rock CanCon
Sha’Kayla No Deal – Single R&B CanCon/KwCon

Here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Courtney Wolfe – Hide & Seek
The Whythouse – Full Tank of Gas
Alanna Matty – Restless
VanWyck – Desert Bride
Laura Rae – Lightspeed
Iris Jean – Got an Idea
Sophie Van Hasselt – Focus on the Good
Brianna Nita – Nothing Better
Caroline Parke – The Hills are Alive Once More
Benny Millman and Benson White – Out Damned Spot
BD Gottfried – You, Me, and this Half-Dead Dog
Justjonas – 222
Jordyn Rayne – 1-800-Cyber-Bully
The Commoners – Too Soon to Know You
Sexy Mathematics – Especially You
Emerald Falls – Out of Sight
Jyotsna Srikanth – Ninnuvina
Doug Wilde – Water Music
Alise Ashby – Mariposa
The Green Kingdom – New Constellations
Dr. Sepi – Burning Down Oslo in ‘94
Impedance of Free Space – upload
Odario – Sunset Flicks
Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – LIVE LAUGH DECOLONISE
IKO – A Lil Country
Joe Lington, Lady Fi & Otaku Black – Move Your Body
Lizzen & Keith Sweat – Right and Wrong (Remix)
Francis Dance – Push
Sha’Kayla – No Deal

See y’all next time!

2 thoughts on “New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #34”

  1. Mophead!!! Much appreciated and thankful for playing my joint, ‘A Lil’ Country’! Much respect and may you, and the station, have continued success!

    Ikoyi Winn (IKO)

  2. Awesome work. Thanks for promoting new artists and Canadian content!!!
    Out damn spot is getting out there thanks to you.

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