The back of five medical professionals clustered around and looking down at a patient, some re observing while others look like they are performing surgery. There are medical machines in the right of the photo and in the foreground another machine with numbers and graphs is highlighted.

New Waterloo Region hospital site to be announced in springtime

Waterloo Region residents will know the site of their new hospital by spring, according to the presidents of local hospitals.

The presidents, Ron Gagnon, Hospital President and CEO, Grand River Hospital, and Mark Fam, President, St. Mary’s Hospital, updated Kitchener City Council on the plans for a new hospital and new hospital system in Waterloo Region.

They are waiting for site selection to be finalized and for approval from the Ministry of Health before proceeding to the next phase of planning in spring 2024. The next phase will consist of functional programming, which determines what programs and services will be accommodated in the new facilities, and what resources are required to make that happen.

The main priorities currently are to identify the preferred site for the new hospital and to create a vision for working together in shared facilities.

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