So Old It’s New classic rock album tracks set list for Monday, March 27, 2017

1967 in music show

1. Pink Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive
2. The Beatles, Fixing A Hole
3. The Rolling Stones, The Lantern
4. The Velvet Underground, Heroin
5. The Monkees, The Door Into Summer
6. Moby Grape, Sitting By The Window
7. Love, Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale
8. Small Faces, Talk To You
9. The Yardbirds, Only The Black Rose
10. Eric Burdon And The Animals, The Black Plague
11. The Byrds, Thoughts And Words
12. Jefferson Airplane, Comin’ Back To Me
13. Ten Years After, I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
14. Big Brother & The Holding Company/Janis Joplin, Women Is Losers
15. Donovan, Sun
16. Bob Dylan, As I Went Out One Morning
17. Vanilla Fudge, Eleanor Rigby
18. The Who, Tattoo
19. Traffic, No Face, No Name, No Number
20. Van Morrison, T.B. Sheets
21. Cream, World Of Pain
22. Jimi Hendrix, May This Be Love
23. The Butterfield Blues Band, Driftin’ And Driftin’
24. The Doors, End Of The Night

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