So Old It’s New set list (Deep Purple, Zep, Sabbath show) Monday Feb. 22/16

  1. Deep Purple, Mandrake Root
  2. Led Zeppelin, Dancing Days
  3. Black Sabbath, Supernaut
  4. Deep Purple, Comin’ Home
  5. Led Zeppelin, Trampled Underfoot
  6. Black Sabbath, Neon Knights
  7. Deep Purple, Nobody’s Home
  8. Led Zeppelin, In The Evening
  9. Black Sabbath, Children Of The Grave
  10. Deep Purple, The Battle Rages On
  11. Led Zeppelin, Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)
  12. Black Sabbath, Turn Up The Night
  13. Deep Purple, Fools
  14. Led Zeppelin, Tea For One
  15. Black Sabbath, Hole In The Sky
  16. Deep Purple, Maybe I’m A Leo
  17. Led Zeppelin, The Battle Of Evermore
  18. Black Sabbath, Symptom Of The Universe
  19. Deep Purple, Bloodsucker
  20. Led Zeppelin, Night Flight
  21. Black Sabbath, Digital Bitch
  22. Deep Purple, Loosen My Strings
  23. Led Zeppelin, Out On The Tiles
  24. Black Sabbath, Heaven And Hell

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