So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Dec. 7, 2015

  1. The Rolling Stones, Tops
  2. The Police, Invisible Sun
  3. The Pretenders, Middle Of The Road
  4. The Small Faces, Tin Soldier
  5. The Tragically Hip, Fire In The Hole
  6. Thin Lizzy, Don’t Believe A Word
  7. Tom Cochrane, Mad Mad World
  8. Red Rider, Light In The Tunnel
  9. Tom Petty, Love Is A Long Road
  10. Tracy Chapman, Subcity
  11. Triumph, Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine
  12. Vanilla Fudge, Season Of The Witch
  13. Whitesnake, Wine, Women An’ song
  14. Steve Winwood, Keep On Running
  15. The Power Station, Get It On
  16. The Byrds, Lay Lady Lay
  17. The Clash, One More Time
  18. George Thorogood, Let Me Pass
  19. The Doobie Brothers, Black Water
  20. The Kinks, Add It Up
  21. Tom Jones, It’s Not Unusual
  22. The Cars, Double Life
  23. Van Halen, Push Comes To Shove
  24. Van Morrison, Help Me (live)
  25. The Beatles, Abbey Road side 2 medley we begin with Mean Mr. Mustard
  26. The Beatles, Polythene Pam
  27. The Beatles, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  28. The Beatles, Golden Slumbers
  29. The Beatles, Carry That Weight
  30. The Beatles, The End
  31. The Beatles, Her Majesty
  32. The Rolling Stones, How Can I Stop
  33. Edward Bear, Last Song
  34. Pink Floyd, Signs Of Life

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