So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 20, 2017

  1. The Guess Who, No Sugar Tonight
  2. The Guess Who, Star Baby
  3. The Guess Who, Hang On To Your Life
  4. The Guess Who, Sour Suite
  5. The Guess Who, Share The Land
  6. Headstones, Marigold
  7. Headstones, Hindsight
  8. Headstones, Unsound
  9. Headstones, Teeth And Tissue
  10. BTO, Blue Collar
  11. BTO, Let It Ride
  12. BTO, Gimme Your Money Please
  13. BTO, She’s A Devil
  14. BTO, Quick Change Artist
  15. BTO, Blown
  16. Bruce Cockburn, Peggy’s Kitchener Wall
  17. Bruce Cockburn, The Coldest Night Of The Year
  18. Rush, The Way The Wind Blows
  19. Rush, Malignant Narcissism
  20. Rush, Cinderella Man
  1. Rush, Cygnus X-1
  2. Chilliwack, Arms Of Mary
  3. Chilliwack, Communication Breakdown
  4. Chilliwack, Baby Blue
  5. Chilliwack, Crazy Talk
  6. 54-40, She La
  7. 54-40, Unbend
  8. 54-40, Miss You

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