So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 9, 2020

1. Little Richard, Keep A-Knockin’
2. Spooky Tooth, Weird
3. Screaming Trees, Watchpocket Blues
4. Vanilla Fudge, Faceless People
5. Budgie, Guts
6. Cheap Trick, High Roller (request)
7. The Kinks, I’m In Disgrace
8. David Bowie, The Secret Life Of Arabia
9. Coverdale/Page, Easy Does It
10. Steve Hackett, Nomads
11. Blondie, Detroit 442
12. Bruce Springsteen, Missing
13. Dr. John, Loop Garoo
14. Muddy Waters, Crosseyed Cat
15. ZZ Top, Heaven, Hell Or Houston
16. The Rolling Stones, I Got The Blues
17. The Flying Burrito Brothers, Sin City
18. Patti Smith, 1959
19. Deep Purple, Birds Of Prey
20. Elton John, Indian Sunset
21. Pink Floyd, Dogs (request)

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