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episode 87 agriculture show aug 12 2014


Krista Hulshof from  http://www.veldarchitect.com/  returns to our studio to being news of a workshop about permaculture and polyculture being held this Oct 2 2014.  The guest speaker is Mark Shepard. Event info is here http://veldarchitect.com/theagritect/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/markshepard-poster.jpg  where you can also find the URL to reserve a seat via Eventbrite.   http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mark-shepard-workshop-tickets-1565353013?aff=es2&rank=1 and  http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mark-shepard-public-talk-tickets-10556618129?aff=es2&rank=2  Our music was of 2 songs and 3 spoken word audio clips.  Our Farm also has info here  https://www.facebook.com/OurFarmDFR

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episode 86 The Agriculture Show Aug 5 2014

agshowaug52014sean chikiIMG_20140805_135113

Sean Chaki from  www.agsolutions.ca  and Andrea Maillet from  www.oncommunication.ca are in studio  for todays show. Our topic is about the work involved with bringing science to new products for ag production in corn and soybeans.  Sean brought along 3 great tunes,,,wish he had brought a few more.

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episode 85 the agriculture show july 29 2014


Our guests today are Brian Fried and Donna Telfer. We talk about the Canadian Plowing Championships 2014 being held in Ontario August 14-16.   On Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/774087542635516/  We had plowing poems and songs to complete the show. More info here.  http://www.canadianplowing.ca/CPO_-_Events.html

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episode 84 agriculture show july 22 2014 by by Rob Miller and Alison Inglis


Our studio guests today are Rob Miller  www.agsolutions.ca and Alison Inglis  http://oncommunication.ca/  We talk about modern agricultural practices, the successes and the challenges. Rob brought along some great C&W tunes to play.

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episode 82 the agriculture show by jeff stager and celie diebold

Celie Diebold is in studio today. Celie is the 2014 Queen of the Furrow for the Ontario Plowmens Association.   www.plowingmatch.com . Celie is also involved with the Waterloo club of www.jfao.com . Lots of news and info about many related events in Ontario.  We played some great tunes Celie brought with her.


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Episode 81 The Agriculture Show with Jeff Stager and George Klosler


George Klosler from https://www.fcc-fac.ca/  is in studio today. Farm Credit Canada provides banking for canadian agriculture and sponsors the AgriSpirit fund for community projects in rural Canada. We also played some great tunes George brought with him.

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episode 76 agriculture show april 25 2014 by jeff stager, gord surgeoner

Gord Surgeoner is our guest today. Gord brings his experiences about agriculture from the many organizations he is involved with and others he believes are valuable. Check ’em out. http://www.oaft.org www.biotalk.ca www.adoptcouncil www.farms.com www.ofa.on.ca www.cffo.ca

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episode 75 the agriculture show april1 2014 by jeff stager, 7 speakers from The Ontario Poets Society (TOPS)

Our guests today were representing The Ontario Poetry Society, or TOPS. http://www.theontariopoetrysociety.ca/
Our guests in studio were Roberto Angelis (branch manager), Fran Figge (ontario president), Jockie Loomer-Kruger, Barbara Lefcourt, and Patricia McGoldrick. Out of studio guests John Oisthoorn and Debbie Okunhill whose poems were recited by the in studio guests. The music today was created by Roberto Angelis.

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episode 73 agriculture show feb 25 2014 by jeff stager, karla kale

Karla Kale from http://waterlooregionmuseum.com/ brings us news from the Waterloo Region Museum on Huron Rd.
Agriculture is one of the many display and programming initiatives at the Museum. The music we play is from 3 local groups who were top billboard artists in the 60’s and 70’s.

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episode 71 the agriculture show jan 28 2014 by jeff stager, devon homick, tony tennant, eric lockey

In the studio today is Eric Lockey, Tony Tennant, and Devon Homick. We talk about the first steps in the agriculture chain when the farmer makes their decisions for crop inputs and crop marketing. Our guests work at www.fspartners.ca Eric brought along a bunch of tunes for us to play.

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episode 69 agriculture show dec 31 2013 by jeff stager, celie diebold, victoria kyle

Celie Diebold and Victoria Kyle are in the house today. Our guests talk about the work of the http://www.plowingmatch.org as they promote the efforts of the various plowing match associations in the province. Watch here for news of the 2014 match http://www.plowingmatch.org/index.php/home-2014 Victoria brought along some great tunes to play.

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episode 45 agriculture show mar 26 2013 by jeff stager, john tutt, barclay nap

It’s a night out at the movies! Actually it’s guest John Tutt from http://www.princesscinemas.com sharing with us movies that involve agriculture. Something different for our show. Barclay Nap is our co-host and supplies a list of movies with the theme of agriculture.

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