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Episode I of Readers Delight

Readers Delight with cup of coffee

Download: Readers-Delight-2024-01-28-Episode0001.mp3 55 MB, 1h00m02s

Jody in the studio with Carl who is reading his story, with microphones and headphones. Soundboard
Carl Innes Storytime

Episode One of Readers Delight features authors: Carl Innes, Brian Van Norman & Carolyn Wilker.

Carl Innes read ‘The Meal’ from his book “The Eye of Calchas: An Anthology”. This book is available on Kindle. The Genre is: Supernatural Horror.
Brian Van Norman read from his book “Against the Machine: Evolution”. This book is available on Kindle and on Amazon as paperback. The Genre is: Dystopian Science Fiction.
Carolyn Wilker read ‘A Room is Waiting’ from her book “Good Grief People”. This book is available on Amazon in paperback and her website www.carolynwilker.ca. The Genre is: Memoir.

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Jody Swannell sitting in the studio with sound board, audio console and microphone
Jody Swannell
Readers Delight E01 with KW Writers Alliance logo and 3 photos of Jody Swannell in the Recording Studio with Carl Innes, Carolyn Wilker, & Brian Van Norman wearing headphones.
Carolyn Wilker, Brian Van Norman, and Carl Innes.
Jody Swannell sitting in the studio chair with the microphone giving the peace symbol with her hand
Jody Swannell preparing for first show

Jody Swannell standing at the studio entrance. A green door with signage CKMS 102.7FM