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Dr Jodi Rosner , Leya Oommen & Ellen Brisley









Dr. Jodi Rosner, an assistant professor with McMaster University. Her practice is quite diverse, she has an outpatient office where she sees a wide variety of patients. At Grand River Hospital she is one of the pediatrician part of POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario) where she cares for the children of KW with cancer. In addition, Dr. Rosner has a pediatric diabetic clinic.
Inspired by the children with cancer who she cared for, some of them who have lost their battle to cancer, she took her love and hobby of running and turned it into a charity. She founded Kitchener kids with Cancer Run/Walk which raises money for our local children with cancer (through POGO).
Dr. Jodi Rosner shared the stories of real people, the survivors of cancer, the struggles and challenges families go through and how raising money for this event has helped to financially support the families and fund further research. It is also an event that has allowed families to honour the angels who have lost their battle to cancer.

Inspired by the worst floods in the state of Kerala, India in over a century, a pair of 14-year-old girls from #KW created an app to help with disaster aid, resulting in them winning a North American competition.
Leya Oommen and classmate Ellen Brisley, who coined themselves ‘String Theorists,’ developed AID as part of a pitch for the Technovation competition, where they were named the junior winners of the North American regional semifinals. They are the regional winners in each division, beating 38 other teams in the North American semifinals.

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