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CKMS News Headlines for 7 June 2023

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Headlines for June 7th 2023:

1 – Waterloo’s Trinity Bible Chapel at the forefront of christian fundamentalist  anti-LGBTQ movement.

Waterloo based pastor Jacob Reaume of the Trinity Bible Chapel again brings national attention to Waterloo through his anti-LGBTQ sermons and involvement in nationwide network Christian fundamentalist churches who have been supporting anti-LGBTQ candidates in municipal and school board elections across the country.

2 – Former teacher has her day in court over book censorship presentation “censorship”.

Former teacher Carolyn Burjoski’s has taken the Waterloo Region District School Board to court demanding she be allowed to continue her presentation which was arguing that some books available to students with LGBTQ themes were not appropriate and could mislead those who read the books about sexuality and gender.

3 – WRDSB trustee Mike Ramsay takes the school board to court over “free expression” suspension.

Represented by the the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, WRDSB trustee Mike Ramsay was in Ontario Superior Court on June 6th as he tries to have a suspension struck from his record and for the court to declare that the School Board violated his charter right to free expression. The school board still holds that the suspension was based on an accurate assessment of the situation, and that freedom of expression does not mean freedom from consequences.

4 – ACORN launches in Waterloo Region to support tenants’ rights.

On May 25th, 2023 a chapter of the Canada-wide social and economic justice organisation ACORN launched in Waterloo Region in an effort to support tenants and form strategies to combat “High Rents, Renovictions, and Slumlords.”

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