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Azra Gregor & Ramya Ramachandran

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Azra Gregor @azragregor is a multifaceted woman – refugee mother and serial entrepreneur. She is a successful mom blogger , a coaching business entrepreneur of Matrescend and her debut book called “Your Mother Is A Storm” is an honest look into unspoken areas of motherhood and the gifts that this enormous challenge brings with it. Azra is on a new venture to publish a collection of poems and short stories based on her own journey of becoming a mother.

A young passionate singer Ramya Ramachandran @ramyamusic18 is set out to follow her dreams with hard work and dedication. Sharing her struggles and failures in a competitive world where at times wanting to give up, she reached out to her tribe who helped pick herself up and move forward. Sharing her journey, she is giving many youth hope to never give up and keep following their dreams. Ramya has been training for the past nine years under the tutelage of Smt. Senthil Selvi Sureswaran in bharathanatyam , an indian classical dance form. Ramya a singer as well, sings cine music and carnatic music at various competitions and shows. She has been training in Carnatic music under Sri. Delhi. V. Muthukumar for the past two years

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