Peter Ulrich speaks about The Painted Caravan – The Peter Ulrich Collaboration on Coral FM

Painted Caravan


From England.. I had the chance to speak with Peter Ulrich who I have kept in touch with since his released his debut CD Enter the Mysterium. I always loved Dead Can Dance so I was thrilled to interview Peter for Sound FM years back.

Since that interview, Peter and I have kept in touch by email, and imagine my surprise when one day he sent me a Christmas present and a card.

Painted Caravan which has received rave reviews since its UK release. Recently it was released in the North America again to rave reviews. Here is a three part discussion with Peter Ulrich where we chat about many things from stories which inspired The Painted Caravan to his exciting new collaboration with New York based label City Canyons. Part Two Tempus Fugitives is about to be released. And now there is talk of a live performance!!!  I hope to go to NYC and see this show in May of 2015. Stay tuned!

Peter Ulrich 2014