John Tutt from The Princess Cinema profiles Canada Film Days 2013!

There is nothing I love more than discussing movies. It’s always a great pleasure when John Tutt comes to visit me anytime but especially when John discusses the movies of Canada Film Days because he introduces me to some of the finest films Canada has to offer. This year the Festival runs May 2 to May 8 at The Original Princess, or what I like to call The Princess Mother!

Once again, John has found another superb collection of films for this festival now in its seventh year. The themes are very timely from cyber bullying (Blackbird) to facing the challenges of serious illness where age knows no bounds (Still Mine, Foreverland) the plight of the homeless (Hum and Strum), the unspeakable anguish of war (Fight Like Children, Die Like Soldiers/ Rebelle).
John has partnered with several community organizations to help present this fabulous festival playbill. There will be directors, actors and producers in attendance, with the opening night gala at Ethel’s! If you are a film junkie like me, this is a don’t miss event. John is a mastermind at finding cinematic gems. And thanks to him, I have discovered many fine Canadian movies and I am thrilled to discover more….
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Buy the tickets, grab the brown bag popcorn and enjoy the cinematic ride. – Coral FM

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