So Old It’s New show set list, Monday, July 1, 2013 with DJ Bald Boy

Listed by band/artist, song, album:

1. Murray McLauchlan, Out Past The Timberline, Timberline/Songs From The Street compilation
2. April Wine, Juvenile Delinquent, Live At The El Mocambo
3. Hugh Dillon, Radio Plays, Works Well With Others
4. Neil Young, Coupe de Ville, This Note’s For You
5. Doug and The Slugs, Tropical Rainstorm, Cognac and Bologna
6. The Tragically Hip, Fire In The Hole, Day For Night
7. Bruce Cockburn, You Get Bigger As You Go, Humans
8. Steppenwolf, It’s Never Too Late, At Your Birthday Party
9. Five Man Electrical Band, I’m A Stranger Here, Absolutely Right (best of)
10. Fludd, Get Up, Get Out, Move On, single/Greatest Expectations compilation
11. The Guess Who, Lightfoot, Wheatfield Soul
12. Gordon Lightfoot, Race Among The Ruins, Summertime Dream
13. David Wilcox, Hot, Hot Papa, Out Of The Woods
14. The Tragically Hip, Silver Jet, In Violet Light
15. Neil Young, Love To Burn, Ragged Glory
16. Headstones, Three Angels, Picture of Health
17. The Guess Who, Life In The Bloodstream, So Long, Bannatyne
18. Bruce Cockburn, Justice, Inner City Front
19. Rush, A Farewell To Kings, A Farewell To Kings
20. Neil Young, Born In Ontario, Psychedelic Pill
21. The Tragically Hip, Fireworks, Phantom Power
22. Murray McLauchlan, Sixteen Lanes of Highway, Song From The Street
23. Doug and The Slugs, Drifting Away, Cognac and Bologna
24. Bruce Cockburn, The Strong One, Inner City Front
25. Rush, Xanadu, A Farewell To Kings

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