So Old It’s New set list, Monday, July 15, 2013 with DJ Bald Boy

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 15/13 (band, song, album)

1. Budgie, Breadfan, Never Turn Your Back On A Friend
2. Black Sabbath, Turn Up The Night, Mob Rules
3. Deep Purple, Pictures of Home, Machine Head
4. AC/DC, Whiskey On The Rocks, Ballbreaker
5. Santana, Well All Right, Inner Secrets
6. Blue Oyster Cult, ME262, Secret Treaties
7. Blue Coupe*, Train of Thought, Million Miles More
8. The Rolling Stones, Heaven, Tattoo You
9. The Rolling Stones, Feel On Baby, Undercover
10. Blue Coupe*, Hallow’s Grave, Million Miles More
11. Dave Edmunds, Crawling From The Wreckage, Repeat When Necessary
12. Queen, Need Your Loving Tonight, The Game
13. Aerosmith, Shela, Done With Mirrors
14. Tommy Bolin, Post Toastee, Private Eyes
15. Bad Company, Crazy Circles, Desolation Angels
16. David Bowie, Life On Mars?, Hunky Dory
17. Neil Young, Cough Up The Bucks, Fork In The Road
18. Chicago, In The Country, Chicago (II)
19. J. Geils Band, Serves You Right To Suffer, Live Full House
20. Jethro Tull, We Use To Know, Stand Up
21. The Allman Brothers Band, Instrumental Illness, Hittin’ The Note

* Blue Coupe, comprised of Blue Oyster Cult founders Joe and Albert Bouchard and original Alice Cooper Band bassist Dennis Dunaway play the Chrysalids Theatre, 137 Ontario St. N, Kitchener, on Thursday, June 22. Doors open at 7 p.m.; showtime 8 p.m. for this event promoted by Road Dog Music group

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