So Old It’s New set list, Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 with DJ Bald Boy

Listed by band/artist, song

1. Andrew Stockdale, Year Of The Dragon
2. Andrew Stockdale, Meridian
3. Led Zeppelin, Achilles Last Stand
4. The Rolling Stones, Dance Little Sister
5. The Rolling Stones, Who’s Been Sleeping Here?
6. Carole King, Way Over Yonder
7. Robert Cray, The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
8. The Kinks, Holiday In Waikiki
9. The Beatles, The Night Before
10. Ian Dury, Wake Up And Make Love With Me
11. Graham Parker, Dark Side Of The Bright Lights
12. Elvis Costello, Man Out Of Time
13. Robert Palmer, Woke Up Laughing
14. The Archies, Sugar Sugar
15. Black Sabbath, God Is Dead?
16. Bad Company, Master of Ceremony
17. Aerosmith, Sick As A Dog
18. Golden Earring, Mad Love’s Comin’
19. James Gang, The Bomber
20. The Allman Brothers Band, Nobody Knows (live)

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