So Old It’s New set list for Monday,Feb. 10, 2014 (band/artist, song)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Feb. 10/14 (band/artist, song)

Album request show series, Volume 2

The Clash – London Calling

1. London Calling
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. Jimmy Jazz
4. Hateful
5. Rudie Can’t Fail
6. Spanish Bombs
7. The Right Profile
8. Lost In The Supermarket
9. Clampdown
10. The Guns Of Brixton
11. Wrong ‘Em Boyo
12. Death Or Glory
13. Koka Kola
14. The Card Cheat
15. Lover’s Rock
16. Four Horsemen
17. I’m Not Down
18. Revolution Rock
19. Train In Vain

20. The Rolling Stones, Soul Survivor
21. The Beatles, Dear Prudence
22. Led Zeppelin, In The Light
23. Love, She Comes In Colors
24. Jethro Tull, With You There To Help Me
25. Bad Company, Fade Away
26. Roger Waters, Amused To Death (live)
27. Herbie Mann with Duane Allman, Push Push

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