Denim Entertainment Radio on CKMS enters the I.R.F. Search 2014 Competition!

I am excited to announce the entry of ‘Denim Entertainment Radio’ on CKMS 100.3 Sound fm into the I.R.F. – International Radio Festival’s “Search for the Best USA/Canadian College Jockey 2014”!!!

Find and play my latest podcast (FREE) and contest entry at:

Help us win a chance to perform LIVE and represent CKMS 100.3 Sound fm, Denim Entertainment Radio, Waterloo, Ontario and CANADA at the I.R.F. 2014 festival IN Zurich, Switzerland this September! If you have listened in to my show on CKMS or have seen a LIVE Denim Show, you know I won’t Disappoint.

I much appreciate ALL of the listeners and fans of the radio show who give me ongoing support. You are the people that drive me to bring Denim Entertainment Radio to the ‘next level’.

Much Love to you all.

DJ Denim
Denim Entertainment Radio