Class War on the Shop Floor Speaking Tour

Hoping to have this featured on Grand River Radical Radio, as an Interview, stay tuned!

Monday, OCT 24th, 2011

Lyle S. Hallman – Faculty of Social Work
120 Duke Street West – Room 101
Kitchener, Ontario

Rachel Stafford – Postal worker, anarchist, IWW organizer and rank and file trouble maker, Rachel will outline a perspective on workplace organizing that prioritizes the use of direct action, worker education, and participatory decision making to build the kind of struggle that can aim for the whole pie, not just a bigger piece.

Rachel will be in Hamilton on October 24th, 6pm at the Lyle S. Hallman – Faculty of Social Work Auditorium (Room 101) The space is wheelchair accessible. NOTE: Do not park behind building without a GOLD permit.

Presented by Common Cause


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