This weeks NVS`Future Foray will be on Unmanned Vehicles

I`m up brain storming thoughts for this weeks NVS, and I`ve come up with two this morning. This week I will be sticking to the safety of unmanned vehicles. While next week if it is prepared I`d like to deal with driverless sound technology – sound made out of thin air, literally. So far it looks like February will be a good month for the future foray. The idea of nanometre wave oscillations has massive future ramifications. While the 3 GHz to 300 GHz range is seen as the new normal operating bands — beyond 300 GHz to 100Thz is a new blackhole for research. If a millimetre wave can heat water, why can’t a nanometre wave heat viruses and destroy them through irradiation, this method is used in UV sanitation, so why not target the HIV virus with a 120nm field and oscillate it until it denatures itself? The area beyond 100 Thz is also known, so I hope to unlock the uses of the upper bands over the next week or so, so look out for this report in the next couple weeks on NVS.

Meanwhile I`d like to thank Bryan the Smudge and Meditation guy for doing an interview on Smudging. He may be back in the coming weeks to do an interview with me on Meditation in some form. Also there are a few other potentials lined up so stay tuned.

At this rate I may even have time to do some Shallow Thoughts sketches, perhaps I can find a humourous angle to Israel backing the overthrow of Assad and Gadaffi and Mubarrak to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Islamic hardliners? Or Israel shutting down its own research nuclear reactor as a result of trying to prevent Iran from doing nuclear research? Perhaps there is humour to be found in criminalizing decent and upping jail time for marijuana in new federal prisons and what type of melting pot that will result in. What about Harper bringing the Chinese to Calgary as the bonus of his trip to China, or the fact any Panda born in Canada from the 1 million dollar Panda loan needs to be repatriated to china, but not the parents? I’m not sure what other humour may exist in recent news but perhaps just perhaps an interesting angle can be found in time for this Friday on recent news events.

And of course more music…. suggestions can be sent to

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