Corporate Profile

Name of Organization: Radio Waterloo Inc.
Address: 142 Waterloo St. Waterloo
Purpose: to Provide Education and Training in the Communication Arts

Date of Incorporation: January 20, 1978

Origin of Operations: Radio Waterloo evolved from the Broadcasting Club / Broadcasting Association at the University of Waterloo which was operating in the early to mid 1960’s.

Board of Directors: By the organizations By-Laws The board of directors has 4 Official Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Corporate Secretary. The board is composed of 7 directors including the 4 Executive Officers. In 2008 the Corporation opted for a means based working/administrative board to take over prior responsibilities of the staff including SoundFM’s general manager. The measure implemented via committees that are in time to be administered by the membership rather than board members; however, the each board member is tasked with oversight and facilitation of each specific operating committee. Once committees are in place by general members the board would revert to its Carver model Traditional Policy Governance Board operation model. Specific to our operation of a radio station facilitating for a general manager for the station would be a requirement before the Carver Model resumption.

Important Documents:

Fiscal Year End: August *(the board can elect for an alternate fiscal year end)

Governing Documents:

Radio Waterloo was incorporated under the corporations act via letters patent, a copy of the supplementary letters patent is available here:

(needs to be edited some pages flipped)


Board Policy
Advertising Policy
Fundraising Policy
Promotions Policy

Written Agreements/Contracts:

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