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Angela is a Master's of Social Work Student from Laurier trying to shine light on the crisis of affordable housing and the injustice that faces people living in poverty. Listen to Turn Up The Volume on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm!

Turn Up The Volume Episode 1: Attitudes and Gentrification with Brian Doucet

 Turn Up The Volume is about amplifying voices of individuals experiencing poverty, precarious housing or homelessness and advocating for affordable housing in the Waterloo Region. Hosted by Angela Goodwin – Student intern at the Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region with her very first Radio Show!

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Homes For All

Homes For All presents a series of 12 shows from March to May 2020 telling stories of people affected by the unaffordability and lack of housing, and raising awareness of the work being done by many players in the community. SDCWR logo

Homes For All was hosted by Angela Goodwin and Brian Doucet, and aired as Life Stories of Displacement until January 2023. It is no longer on the CKMS-FM schedule.